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MoveOn--Kucinich * Nuclear Lies & FBI Reaction

16 June 2003

1) MoveOn, Grassroots, & Dennis Kucinich
2) Pro-war officials may have ignored CIA caution

- - FBI Retaliates Against FBI Agent for Telling the Truth
- - So Why Did America Attack Iraq?

Editor's Notes:

Flyby News is a service for life's survival in the 21st Century. This gives us a broad range agenda to report on all sorts of news. Yet awareness of problems is insignificant unless solutions are engaged. The US has become a pariah on the world stage, leading a bribed-led coalition in a war that killed thousands of innocent people, harmed an environment beyond belief, and which was based on false information. This was another illegal and unconstitutional war. Yet the forces of fear seem to know how to control weak-minded individuals yes, brainwashing is a leading force of US government policy leading for an agenda to endanger real democracy, freedom, human rights, or even existence.

Item 1 is on actions you can take in support of a transformation within the US government. Dennis Kucinich, the US, the world, needs your assistance. has been one of the leading grass roots organizations that helped define the current peace movement. They are now considering endorsing a peace candidate for US President in 2004. Please consider all the facts and take appropriate actions. We need you to unite a movement that could change a fear-pariah government to one that can join in the world community for peace and disarmament initiatives. Dennis Kucinich has proven himself by his record, especially in his standing up to stop the arms race with his legislation introduced in 2002 and 2003 for banning space-based weapons, as well as his introduction for a US Department of Peace to turn around the preemptive formula for madness and ruin.

Item 2 is more on the lies of the Bush administration to convince the US to attack Iraq. Meanwhile an FBI agent who has come forth with the truth is receiving retaliation from the FBI. No wonder Leonard Peltier sits in a lock-down prison while FBI misconduct continues.

Please note that this Monday, I will be on radio to promote efforts for US democracy and freedom. You can listen to this program, broadcast on WMUA (from UMASS, Amherst, MA) on Monday, June 16 from 5:30 to 6:30 P.M. The station is 91.1 FM and can be listened to via the Internet from:

Among other Flyby News subjects, we will be discussing the Frank Dorrel video that we are showing at the Greenfield Public Library this Thursday, June 19, and the benefit for Leonard Peltier on June 26. For details on these programs, see (under campaigns, actions, and events). Also, the Dorrel film and discussion on Kucinich will also be presented at the Keene, NH Library on July 17. The coordinator of the Kucinich New England campaign, Trevor Elkins, mentioned that he will likely be at this event. Also, good news on the NH campaign, other individuals, who I met with this weekend, are willing to take the initiative and support getting films on Kucinich distributed on community television access stations throughout the nation, beginning in New Hampshire. One of the first films for this purpose will be a speech by Dennis Kucinich at the Peace Summit in Vermont this past September. For information on this and other films, please see Flyby News page on Dennis Kucinich for President in 2004. Also, if you can contribute and help in any way with this campaign, please contact me at Meanwhile, Malachi Roth is working diligently on a new film on Dennis Kucinich that will help many get to know who this person is and what he represents as a candidate for US President for our world.

1) MoveOn, Grassroots, & Dennis Kucinich

From the Kucinich campaign:

In the online straw poll of its members, Dennis Kucinich ranked among the top of the 9 presidential candidates. Very soon, there will be another round of voting. If you are not already a MoveOn member, join now -- and forward this to your friends encouraging them to join.

By joining MoveOn's election process, you gain a voice with other progressive activists in issues selection, as well as candidate endorsements and funding.

* * *

Ours is an unusual presidential campaign led by a unique candidate. On February 15, when peace protests rocked the planet, it was Dennis Kucinich who joined a half-million activists on the streets of New York -- no surprise, since he'd led antiwar opposition in Congress for the previous 5 months (and leads it today as he demands that the White House release intelligence about its dire pre-war claims. )

Kucinich is the only Democratic candidate who joined activists from environmental, labor and social justice movements on the streets of Seattle in 1999 to protest the WTO and the ravages of corporate-dominated trade deals negotiated behind closed doors.

Other Democrats are much cozier with the corporate lobbyists and lawyers who bring in bundled donations and buy tables for ten at expensive fundraising dinners, but Kucinich is the candidate who joins community activists in protests to keep public hospitals open, and walks picket lines with workers seeking economic justice.

Our goal in this campaign is to win the nomination. We know we can't do that, and that Democrats won't turn back the Bush agenda in 2004, without building the grassroots organizations that can counteract GOP money and media dominance with our organized people power.

That's why we stress the importance of MoveOn, one of the most effective groups mobilizing people power -- online and off -- for peace, justice, equality and the effort to defeat Bush in '04. Join MoveOn at

Others are building permanent grassroots organizations. One such group is True Majority which campaigns to shift our nation's budget priorities from bloated Pentagon spending toward education, environment and eliminating poverty. Kucinich is the only candidate who has made a budget shift away from the Pentagon central to his campaign.

Please spread the word about our campaign to transform the Democratic Party and our country.

To see the Kucinich platform in brochure form:
Circulate this brochure widely.

We don't have corporate backers. Please donate so we can amplify our message:

Please forward this email to your friends, relatives, fellow activists and significant others.

Here are 2 more tips on how you can help building a movement:

You have been invited to be part of our Kucinich Network KNET for short. Please activate your account by going to and clicking on the "Meet Up Through the Kucinich Network" button. Obtain your login by clicking on the Question Mark "?" by the login box, entering your email and sending it. Learn how to use it by reading Features/FAQs.

Being active in KNET allows you to find and connect with others by name, location and similar interests. Please update your information, connect with a KNET neighbor, and list the skills/resources you bring to our movement.

In the online straw poll of its members, Dennis Kucinich ranked among the top of the 9 presidential candidates. Very soon, there will be another round of voting. If you are not already a MoveOn member, join now -- and forward this to your friends encouraging them to join.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

From the editor,

Jonathan Mark, a suggestion in commenting to MoveOn

I think that the key main point to help influence MoveOn for an early endorsement for Kucinich is to encourage them to also consider re-assessing their initial choice at various stages of the Primaries. This way their focus at the beginning of the Season is to be behind the individual most suited for the job, not necessarily just elect-ability. Kucinich wins this hands down by his record and accomplishments, and coming through when we needed him most, in fierce oppositions to the devastating war on Iraq. I sent this suggestion to MoveOn, but please consider this too, sending them your thoughts. Accessing their endorsement for a candidate NOW at various stages can help free MoveOn to get behind the best candidate. Otherwise they may choose Dean from fear in splitting the field (between Dean and Kucinich) and ending up with a candidate who is a traditional war-ho democrat that voted to authorize Bush to take the US into war. But when one chooses for substance, and if Kucinich wins the Primaries, then he would be best suited to help register the most new voters, and definitely the one to inspire millions to hands-down defeat Bush in the 2004 November elections.

Kucinich can reclaim the US's path to democracy, and unite with Conservatives who value the US Constitution.

When joining or writing to MoveOn ( ), please consider commenting on this strategic initiative.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The following was sent to the list serve from its moderator, Goodsister:

Dear Friends,

I pulled this from another list just now. The second email below, we've seen before: I believe it's already been posted here. But the first one, written about meeting Dennis today, strikes such a chord in me, because the experience described is so close to my own. The first time I met Dennis, in March, I was amazed at the extraordinary impact he had on me. He does have that quality of making each person feel important and heard, and is infinitely approachable, despite the press of people always around him.


* * * * * *

I Saw Dennis Kucinich Speak Today

Seeing Dennis Kucinich speak in person is a literally awesome experience. Because I'm so tired (it was at least 100 degrees in the Valley) and because I am not really eloquent enough to describe it, I am posting the following email that I received from a friend who wrote this after seeing Dennis in Berkeley. But it also perfectly describes the experience I had today!

One other thing. After his speech there was a large group around him, everyone wanting to have a few words with him, including me. It kept coming up to my turn, but people kept breaking in front of me. This happened several times, and he was getting ready to leave. Finally, I quietly said, "Dennis?" He reached out and put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me in close so I could have my say. I felt like I was with an old and close friend. Just that little gesture...

I've volunteered to work for his campaign. Dennis Kucinich is the anti-bush to bush_the_antichrist. He is just amazing.

- - - - - -

Dear Friends,

It's 5:30 AM and I had to get out of bed to share with you something very important that happened last night in Berkeley. I, along with 800 others, listened with rapt attention to Congressman Dennis Kucinich who is a Candidate for U.S. President talk about "Repairing the American Dream". Jack Kornfield, Sylvia Boorstein, and Jean Shinoda Bolen introduced him to an audience that included Ram Dass, Daniel Ellsberg, Stan Grof and many other of our respected elders.

It's the first time I can remember hearing someone in government speak passionately, straight from his heart communicating truth, wisely and compassionately. Although he is a little known candidate at this time, Kucinich is someone who is saying what so many of us are starving to hear. Those of us old enough to remember what it was like to be proud to be an American had a taste of that possibility once again. When "America, the Beautiful" was sung so beautifully it took on a poignant dimension with everyone close to tears for the despair and helplessness that so long has covered up our long-lost joy and gratitude for being part of this country. All the ideals that we had growing up of America being the land of equal opportunity invited by Miss Liberty to "give me your tired, your poor," were stirred up in some faraway place in the heart that understood how one could be patriotic.

Dennis spoke about creating a Department of Peace, of re-joining the world community as an important but caring member of a global family. He eloquently spoke of our need to understand the truth of our inter-connectedness and inter-dependence with all peoples and life on the planet. He said that instead of creating more fear in the world it is our responsibility to address the suffering we've created through a policy based on greed and domination. He talked about using much of the $400 billion we now spend on weapons and defense for education, universal health care, a clean environment and addressing the many inequities our present system thrives on. He said that he knows there are many millions in our country who say with bewilderment, "I can't believe the direction this country is going in."

Dennis' words were like an oasis in a vast desert. They were not contrived. He used no notes. He is bright and articulate. He responded to questions from the audience spontaneously with the ring of truth that everyone listening knew was coming from a place of deep caring. He encouraged everyone to join him in repairing the American dream, in feeling inspired once again at what this country can be. I'm writing to you to let you know there is someone in our government who is not just another politician. His voice needs to be heard and I urge you to listen. His website will give you a sense of who he is and where he stands on all the issues.

Dennis decided to become a candidate after a speech he gave was put on the Internet. He received 20,000 emails urging him to consider running for president. Although he doesn't have a big campaign chest he holds a vision of hope and inspiration that millions are longing to hear. In this new electronic world there is a potential for swift communication on a grass roots level that never existed before. As a legitimate candidate of the Democratic Party, he has to be taken seriously. When his voice gets more exposure, it will strike a chord in many hearts who will finally hear someone who makes sense. Anything is possible once people start hearing the truth passionately, eloquently and straight from the heart. If he doesn't ultimately become the final candidate, his contribution to conversation of where America is going will still be vital and his influence real..

With warm regards,


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Listen to a recent Dennis Kucinich speech:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

For the web site of the campaign to elect
Dennis J. Kucinich in 2004, see:

2) Pro-war officials may have ignored CIA caution
- - FBI Retaliates Against FBI Agent for Telling the Truth
- - So Why Did America Attack Iraq?

Knight-Ridder Newspapers
June 13,2003

Pro-war officials may have ignored CIA caution

The agency had said it could not confirm that Iraq sought African uranium. Some cited it anyway.

By Jonathan S. Landay Inquirer Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - Making his case for war with Iraq, President Bush in his State of the Union address this year accused Saddam Hussein of trying to buy uranium from Africa, even though the CIA had warned White House and other officials that the story did not check out.

A senior CIA official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the intelligence agency informed the White House on March 9, 2002 - 10 months before Bush's nationally televised speech - that an agency source who had traveled to Niger could not confirm European intelligence reports that Iraq was attempting to buy uranium from the West African country.

Despite the CIA's misgivings, Bush said in his address: "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium in Africa."

Three senior administration officials said Vice President Cheney and some officials on the National Security Council staff and at the Pentagon ignored the CIA's reservations and argued that the President and others should include the allegation in their case against Hussein.

The claim later turned out to be based on crude forgeries that an African diplomat had sold to Italian intelligence officials.

The disclosure of the CIA warning suggests that pro-war administration officials may have manipulated, exaggerated or ignored intelligence information in their eagerness to make the case for invading Iraq.

"We've acknowledged that some documents were forged, and we know now it was a mistake to give them credence," said a fourth senior administration official who defended the White House's handling of the matter. "But they were only one piece of evidence in a larger body of evidence suggesting that Iraq attempted to purchase uranium from Africa."

Noting that Iraq had obtained uranium from Africa in the 1980s, he said the most recent allegations "were not central pieces of the case illustrating Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction and their WMD programs."

Bush cited allegations that Hussein was hiding chemical, biological and nuclear warfare efforts from U.N. inspectors as a main justification for the U.S.-led war.

After more than two months of searching, U.S. troops have not discovered any illicit weapons stockpiles or any evidence that Hussein had reconstituted his nuclear weapons program.

The CIA's March 2002 warning about Iraq's alleged uranium-shopping expedition in Niger was sent to the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Justice Department and the FBI the same day it went to the White House, the senior CIA official said.

In the months before Bush's State of the Union speech, the senior CIA official said, agency officials also told the State Department, National Security Council staffers and members of Congress that they doubted that Iraq had been trying to buy uranium from Niger.

Some vocal, some not

One senior administration official, also speaking on the condition of anonymity because the intelligence reports remain classified, said the CIA's doubts were well-known and widely shared throughout the government before Bush's speech.

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell did not include the uranium story in his Feb. 5 presentation on Iraq to the U.N. Security Council, and senior CIA officials excluded it from their assessments of Iraq's illicit weapons programs and from their testimony.

Among the most vocal proponents of publicizing the alleged Niger connection, two senior officials said, were Cheney and officials in the office of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld. The effort was led by Robert G. Joseph, the top National Security Council staff official on nuclear proliferation, the officials said.

Cheney alleged in an Aug. 26, 2002, speech that Hussein "has resumed his efforts to acquire nuclear weapons," and on March 16 he went further, saying: "We believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons."

On Sunday's television talk shows, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said the White House was unaware of the CIA's doubts.

"Maybe someone knew in the bowels of the agency, but no one in our circles knew that there were doubts and suspicions that this might be a forgery," she said on NBC.

Seeking answers

The CIA's March 2002 warning about the Niger connection was just one in a daily flood of diplomatic and intelligence reports on Iraq, and it is possible that Rice never saw it.

However, the inclusion of the uranium story in Bush's speech appears to support charges that some pro-invasion officials ignored intelligence that could hurt the administration's case that Hussein was pursuing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs.

Rep. Henry A. Waxman of California, the senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, has demanded that the White House explain why the Niger uranium story was in the President's State of the Union address.

"Contrary to your public statements, senior officials in the intelligence community in Washington knew the forged evidence was unreliable before the president used the evidence in the State of the Union address," Waxman wrote in a letter Tuesday to Rice.

"This is a question that bears directly on the credibility of the United States," he contended.

Majority Republican lawmakers so far have spurned a public investigation, but the Senate Intelligence Committee has begun reviewing intelligence assessments of Iraq's illicit weapons programs and will start closed-door hearings next week.

Contact reporter Jonathan S. Landay at 202-383-6012

Joseph L. Galloway and John Walcott of the Inquirer
Washington Bureau contributed to this article.

2003 Philadelphia Inquirer and wire service sources.
All Rights Reserved.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - FBI Retaliates Against FBI Agent for Telling the Truth

According to a June 13, 2003 press release from Judicial Watch, their client, FBI Special Agent, Robert Wright has been subjected to FBI Retaliation for telling the truth.

For this story, see:

For more information on this and other subjects, visit

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - So Why Did America Attack Iraq?
America and the World Needs to Know the Truth

Tell Congress to Get to the Bottom of the Phantom Weapons of Mass Destruction

In the months and days leading up to the war in Iraq, President Bush and his Administration told the American public and the world that they had proof that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) that posed an imminent threat to our nation. Some of the allegations are posted at the bottom of this e-mail. Yet since the end of the war, American-led teams have not located either these weapons or the "re-built factories" that allegedly produced them. Nor have they
found any proof of a massive and hasty destruction of this evidence by Saddam's government.

This leaves three possibilities for why there are no such weapons now in Iraq, each more troubling than the last:

1. JUST PLAIN WRONG. U.S. and British intelligence agencies just got it wrong and Iraq didn't have the stockpiles described in such detail by the spy agencies. This would cast enormous doubt on the government's ability to defend America.

2. WEAPONS GOT AWAY. The WMD's and the means to make more of them were spirited out of Iraq while the battle was raging. This would mean that Al Qaeda or other terrorists could have these weapons today and could be preparing to use them - a catastrophic blunder.

3. LIES. President Bush and his advisors lied to the American people and the world about the existence of WMD's in order to get us into this war. This would be a serious crisis for our nation.

Congressional Inquiries have a long and proud history of acting as a check against abuses by the Executive branch. In the 1970's the Church Committee Hearings led to the reformation of the CIA, resulting in a stronger and safer nation. The Watergate Hearings ultimately led to the resignation of a corrupt President.

We need some answers. Some legislators are already taking a lead on this. For example, Rep. Dennis Kucinich is looking for co-sponsors for a "Resolution of Inquiry" that would compel the President to turn over to Congress the intelligence documents he had on the issue. To support these kinds of efforts, just click on the link below.

Ben Cohen
Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream*
* I am writing this email on my own and not on behalf of Ben & Jerry's, which is not associated with the TrueMajority campaign.

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