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Pope: 9/11 InsideJob * Conspiracy 'Rule by Secrecy' Evidence

3 May 2003 - Part 2

"If bush is an example of a good Christian,
I am very glad that i am not even a bad one."

-- Anonymous

5) The Pope thinks 9-11 was an inside job
- - Forbidden Truth
- - The War on Freedom
- - The New World Order Exposed
6) Book Review: Rule by Secrecy

Editor's Notes:

Item 5 in this double issue begins with a fascinating revelation; in an article in Counterpunch, Wayne Madsen states that the Pope believes 9/11, was in part, an inside job.

"..According to journalists close to the Vatican, the Pope and his closest advisers are also concerned that the ultimate acts of evil - the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon - were known in advance by senior Bush administration officials. By permitting the attacks to take their course, there is a perception within the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy that a coup d'etat was implemented, one that gave Bush and his leadership near-dictatorial powers to carry out their agenda.."

The key idea in the above paragraph is ‘near-dictatorial powers.' They don't have total control, not yet. This is evident, too, since the Bush strategy is still to convince everyone that they are agents for democracy and freedom. Their fascism is covert, which gives us a chance to use the freedoms we have left to demand real democracy and an end to the Bush feudal reign. If each of us can register to vote, to get others to register, and support an independent green democrat, namely Dennis Kucinich, we have a chance to reclaim a democracy in the US and stop a diabolical reign of terror.

The author of the Counterpunch article, Wayne Madsen, also wrote the introduction to "Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy, Saudi Arabia and the Failed Search for bin Laden." Two other books are linked in this item, and recommended for researching the dark secret government for world control. (1)"The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked September 11, 2003" and (2) "The New World Order Exposed." Item 6 is another review to put light on history's darkest subjects, "Rule by Secrecy."


Get Involved -
Kucinich - The Revolution Within US!

5) The Pope thinks 9-11 was an inside job

- - Forbidden Truth
- - The War on Freedom
- - The New World Order Exposed

April 22, 2003

Bush's "Christian" Blood Cult
Concerns Raised by the Vatican

George W. Bush proclaims himself a born-again Christian. However, Bush and fellow self-anointed neo-Christians like House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, John Ashcroft, and sports arena Book of Revelations carnival hawker Franklin Graham appear to wallow in a "Christian" blood lust cult when it comes to practicing the teachings of the founder of Christianity. This cultist form of Christianity, with its emphasis on death rather than life, is also worrying the leaders of mainstream Christian religions, particularly the Pope.

One only has to check out Bush's record as Governor of Texas to see his own preference for death over life. During his tenure as Governor, Bush presided over a record setting 152 executions, including the 1998 execution of fellow born-again Christian Karla Faye Tucker, a convicted murderer who later led a prison ministry. Forty of Bush's executions were carried out in 2000, the year the Bush presidential campaign was spotlighting their candidate's strong law enforcement record. The Washington Post's Richard Cohen reported in October 2000 that one of the execution chamber's "tie-down team" members, Fred Allen, had to prepare so many people for lethal injections during 2000, he quit his job in disgust.

Bush mocked Tucker's appeal for clemency. In an interview with Talk magazine, Bush imitated Tucker's appeal for him to spare her life - pursing his lips, squinting his eyes, and in a squeaky voice saying, "Please don't kill me." That went too far for former GOP presidential candidate Gary Bauer, himself an evangelical Christian. "I think it is nothing short of unbelievable that the governor of a major state running for president thought it was acceptable to mock a woman he decided to put to death," said Bauer.

A former Texas Department of Public Safety officer, a devout Roman Catholic, told this reporter that evidence to the contrary, Bush was more than happy to ignore DNA data and documented cases of prosecutorial misconduct to send innocent people to the Huntsville, Texas lethal injection chamber. He said the number of executed mentally retarded, African Americans, and those who committed capital crimes as minors was proof that Bush was insensitive and a "phony Christian." When faced with similar problems in Illinois, Governor George Ryan, a Republican, commuted the death sentences of his state's death row inmates and released others after discovering they were wrongfully convicted. Yet the Republican Party is pillorying Ryan and John Ashcroft's Justice Department continues to investigate the former Governor for political malfeasance as if Bush and Ashcroft are without sin in such matters. Hypocrisy certainly rules in the Republican Party.

Bush's blood lust has been extended across the globe. He has given the CIA authority to assassinate those deemed a threat to U.S. national interests. Bush has virtually suspended Executive Orders 11905 (Gerald Ford), 12306 (Jimmy Carter), and 12333 (Ronald Reagan) which prohibit the assassination of foreign leaders. Bush's determination to kill Saddam Hussein, his family, and his top leaders with precision-guided missiles and tactical nuclear weapon-like Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bombs is yet another indication of Bush's disregard for his Republican and Democratic predecessors. It now appears that in his zeal to kill Hussein, innocent civilian patrons of a Baghdad restaurant were killed by one of Bush's precision Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs). Like it or not, Saddam Hussein was recognized by over 100 nations as the leader of Iraq -- a member state of the United Nations. Hussein, like North Korea' Kim Jong Il, Syria's Bashir Assad, and Iran's Mohammed Khatami, are covered by Executive Order 12333, which the Bush mouthpieces claim is still in effect. Bush's "Christian" blood cult sees no other option than death for those who become his enemies. This doctrine is found no place in Christian theology.

Bush has not once prayed for the innocent civilians who died as a result of the U.S. attack on Iraq. He constantly "embeds" himself with the military at Goebbels-like speech fests and makes constant references to God when he refers to America's "victory" in Iraq, as if God endorses his sordid killing spree. He makes no mention of the children, women, and old men killed by America's "precision-guided" missiles and bombs and trigger-happy U.S. troops. In fact, Bush revels in indiscriminate blood letting. Since he never experienced such killing in Southeast Asia, when he was AWOL from his Texas Air National Guard unit, Bush just does not seem to understand the horror of a parent watching one's children having their heads and limbs blown off in a sudden blast of shrapnel or children witnessing their parents burning to death with their own body fat nurturing the flames.

Bush and his advisers, previously warned that Iraq's ancient artifacts and collection of historical documents and books were in danger of being looted or destroyed, instead, sat back while the Baghdad and Mosul museums and Baghdad Library were ransacked and destroyed. Cult leaders have historically attempted to destroy history in order to invent their own. The Soviets tried to obliterate Russia's Orthodox traditions, turning a number of churches into warehouses and animal barns. Cambodia's Pol Pot tried to wipe out Buddhism's famed Angkor Wat shrine in an attempt to stamp out his country's Buddhist history. In March 2001, while they were negotiating with the Bush administration on a natural gas pipeline, Afghanistan's Taliban blew up two massive 1600-year old Buddhas in Bamiyan. The Bush administration, itself run by fanatic religious cultists, barely made a fuss about the loss of the relics. It would not be the first time the cultists within the Bush administration ignored the pillaging of history's treasures.

The ransacking of Iraq's historical treasures is explainable when one considers what the blood cult Christians really think about Islam. Franklin Graham, the heir to the empire built up by his anti-Semitic father, Billy Graham, has decided being anti-Muslim is far more financially rewarding than being anti-Jewish. Billy Graham, history notes from the Nixon tapes, complained about the Jewish stranglehold on the media and Jews being responsible for pornography.

Franklin Graham continues to enjoy his father's unfettered and questionable access to the White House. But in the case of Bush, the younger Graham has a fanatic adherent. Graham has called Islam a "very evil and wicked" religion. He then announces he wants to go to Iraq. Graham obviously sees an opportunity to convert Muslims and unrepentant Eastern Christians, who owe their allegiance to Roman and Greek prelates, to his perverted form of blood cult Christianity. Graham says he is ready to send his Samaritan's Purse missionaries into Iraq to provide assistance. Muslims and mainstream Christians are wary that Graham wants to exchange food, water, and medicine for the baptism of Iraqis into his intolerant brand of Christianity. In the last Gulf War, Graham could not get away with his chicanery. The Desert Storm Commander, General Norman Schwarzkopf, stopped dead in the tracks Graham's plan to send 30,000 Arabic language Bibles to U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia. Today's Pentagon shows no such compunction to put a rein on Graham. It invited him to give a Good Friday sermon at the Pentagon to the consternation of the Defense Department's Muslim employees. To make matters worse, under Bush's "Faith Based Initiative," Graham's Samaritan's Purse stands to receive U.S. government funds for its proselytizing efforts in Iraq, something that should be an affront to every American taxpayer.

Bush's self-proclaimed adherence to Christianity (during one of the presidential debates he said Jesus Christ was his favorite "philosopher") and his constant reference to a new international structure bypassing the United Nations system and long-standing international treaties are worrying the top leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. Well-informed sources close to the Vatican report that Pope John Paul II is growing increasingly concerned about Bush's ultimate intentions. The Pope has had experience with Bush's death fetish. Bush ignored the Pope's plea to spare the life of Karla Faye Tucker. To show that he was similarly ignorant of the world's mainstream religions, Bush also rejected an appeal to spare Tucker from the World Council of Churches - an organization that represents over 350 of the world's Protestant and Orthodox Churches. It did not matter that Bush's own Methodist Church and his parents' Episcopal Church are members of the World Council.

Bush's blood lust, his repeated commitment to Christian beliefs, and his constant references to "evil doers," in the eyes of many devout Catholic leaders, bear all the hallmarks of the one warned about in the Book of Revelations - the anti-Christ. People close to the Pope claim that amid these concerns, the Pontiff wishes he was younger and in better health to confront the possibility that Bush may represent the person prophesized in Revelations. John Paul II has always believed the world was on the precipice of the final confrontation between Good and Evil as foretold in the New Testament. Before he became Pope, Karol Cardinal Wojtyla said, "We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of the American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel." The Pope, who grew up facing the evils of Hitler and Stalin, knows evil when he sees it. Although we can all endlessly argue over the Pope's effectiveness in curtailing abuses within his Church, his accomplishments external to Catholicism are impressive.

According to journalists close to the Vatican, the Pope and his closest advisers are also concerned that the ultimate acts of evil - the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon - were known in advance by senior Bush administration officials. By permitting the attacks to take their course, there is a perception within the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy that a coup d'etat was implemented, one that gave Bush and his leadership near-dictatorial powers to carry out their agenda.

The Pope worked tirelessly to convince leaders of nations on the UN Security Council to oppose Bush's war resolution on Iraq. Vatican sources claim they had not seen the Pope more animated and determined since he fell ill to Parkinson's Disease. In the end, the Pope did convince the leaders of Mexico, Chile, Cameroon, and Guinea to oppose the U.S. resolution. If one were to believe in the Book of Revelations, as the Pope fervently does, he can seek solace in scoring a symbolic victory against the Bush administration. Whether Bush represents a dangerous right-wing ideologue who couples his political fanaticism with a neo-Christian blood cult (as I believe) or he is either the anti-Christ or heralds one, the Pope should know he has fought the good battle and has gained the respect and admiration of many non-Catholics around the world.

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and columnist. He wrote the introduction to Forbidden Truth.* Madsen can be reached at:

Source: Counterpunch

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Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy, Saudi Arabia and the Failed Search for bin Laden
by Jean-Charles Brisard, Guillaume Dasquie, Wayne Madsen, Lucy Rounds (Translator)

For more information on purchasing this book from and The War on Freedom by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, see:

Also for
The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked
by Nafeez M. Ahmed, see:

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Another book on this subject previously reported in Flyby News is called:

‘The New World Order Exposed' by Victor Thorn

Michael Collins Piper - Author of Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, stated:

"There's nothing 'new' about the New World Order. It is a conspiracy - not a conspiracy theory - and its very roots can be found in the Garden of Eden. Today those who are tilling this soil for their own insidious ends are in positions of power in government, the media, and in academia. In order to understand the nature of this monster - this enemy of liberty - you need to read and understand Victor Thorn's The New World Order Exposed. Thorn is a shining star in the freedom movement, and his efforts are inestimable."

Some of the explosive material contained within this book:

-- Who commanded our Air Force to ‘stand down' for nearly two hours on the morning of 9-11?

-- The Federal Reserve is a privately-owned, for-profit corporation with seven of the top ten shareholders being foreign banks

-- The Bush family was the Nazi party's primary money launderer during World War II

-- The CIA is one of the largest drug traffickers in the world

-- Undeniable proof that AIDS is a man-made disease

-- The Bush and bin-Laden families have been in business together for over 30 years and, until recently, both belonged to the Carlyle investment group

-- The Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was actually brought down by explosive charges inside the building

-- The primary financiers for both the Bolshevik Revolution and Hitler's rise to power were American bankers

-- Learn how ‘Votescam' is being used to steal your vote

-- Franklin Roosevelt had full knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor nearly two weeks before it actually took place

-- The OSS and CIA have been working hand-in-hand with organized crime since the 1930's

-- 90% of the people at Jonestown were either killed by gunshot, strangulation, or lethal injection – not suicide

-- Franklin Roosevelt had given all of our nuclear secrets to Russia by 1943 – nearly two years before we dropped the Bomb in Hiroshima

-- The U.S. Government smuggled scores of Nazi scientists into this country after WWII under ‘Project Paperclip'

For more reviews, information, table of contents, and to order, see:

6) Book Review: Rule by Secrecy

Book Review: Rule by Secrecy
by Jim Marrs

Title: Rule by Secrecy
Author: Jim Marrs
Copyright 2000
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers Inc., New York City
ISBN: 0-06-093184-1 (paperback version) 467 pages


Rule by Secrecy lists some identifiable organs of the international shadow government, and explains their makeup and history. Received via email, [author of review unknown], the following information will summarize some of these shadow government identifiable organs below, largely using excerpts from the book itself:

New World Order

The GOAL of the shadow government which has existed for centuries, and requires the destruction of national sovereignty to achieve. Sovereignty can be accomplished by creating crises so severe that long term help from other nations is required. Massive influx of illegal immigrants can help with destruction of sovereignty. Artificially created long term drought can bring sovereignty to its knees, and that appears to be in progress in North America by way of the chemtrails. George Bush Senior spoke repeatedly about the New World Order, but did not explain what this concept meant. The New World Order means a single world government. Reading this book paints a picture of the single world government as overwhelmingly likely, as brutal and totalitarian as is humanly possible.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

"...the granddaddy of the modern American secret societies...". The council began as an outgrowth of a series of meetings conducted during World War I. In 1917, Colonel Edward Mandell House, President Woodrow Wilson's confidential adviser, had gathered about one hundred prominent men to discuss the postwar world. Dubbing themselves "the Inquiry", they made plans for a peace settlement...

The CFR's [current-day] invitation-only membership, originally limited to 1,600 participants, today numbers more than 3,300 representing the most influential leaders in finance, commerce, communications [media!], and academia. Admission is a very discriminating and painful process: candidates have to be proposed by a member, seconded by another member, approved by a membership committee, screened by the professional staff, and finally approved by the board of directors.

Once the ruling members of the CFR have decided that the U.S. Government should adopt a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy, and to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically, ANY opposition...

John Kenneth Galbraith ... called off-the-record talks by the Treasury Secretary or CIA Director a "scandal". "Why should businessmen be briefed by government officials on information not available to the public...?" he asked.

The Trilateral Commission

"By the early 1970s, ... many Americans were becoming more aware of secretive organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations. Former CFR chairman David Rockefeller, apparently in an effort to deflect public attention from CFR activities, instigated the creation of a more public offshoot organization: the Trilateral Commission. "Trilateral" means "Europe, North America, and Asia".

The concept of the Trilateral Commission was originally brought to Rockefeller by Zbigniew Brzezinski, then head of the Russian Studies Department at Columbia University. Brzezinski declared that "National Sovereignty is no longer a viable concept".

Brzezinski's hope for a global society did not exclude nations under the rule of Marxism, which he described as "a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision... a victory of reason over belief." Brzezinski was named North American Director, when the Trilateral Commission was founded on July 1, 1973.

Trilateral Commission led to the 1979 creation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a civilian organization with the power to take TOTALITARIAN CONTROL of government functions in the event of a national "emergency". Trilateral Commission has acquired a reputation for being the "Shadow Government of the West". Trilateral Commission has been described by some as a cabal of powerful men out to control the world by creating a supernational community dominated by the multinational corporations.

The Bilderbergers

...are a group of powerful men and women - many of them European royalty - who meet in secret each year to discuss the issues of the day. Despite the fact that many highly regarded American media members meet with the Bilderbergers, LITTLE OR NOTHING gets reported on the group or its activities, leading writers to claim censorship and news management. "Bilderbergers" derives from Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland, where the group was first discovered by the public in 1954.

Bilderbergers have included CIA Director Allen Dulles, CIA official Thomas Braden, OSS Director William Donovan, and CIA-connected C. D. Jackson, Life Magazine publisher and President Eisenhower's "special consultant for psychological warfare".

Primary impetus for meetings came from Dutch Prince Bernhard, a former member of the Nazi SS, who later married Princess Juliana and became a major shareholder and officer in Dutch Shell Oil.

Americans who have attended Bilderberger meetings include CFR members George Ball, Dean Acheson, Dean Rusk, McGeorge Bundy, Christian Herter, Douglas Dillon, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Walter Reuther, Jacob Javits, Robert McNamara, Walter Bedell Smith, General Lyman Lemnitzer, J. William Fulbright, Henry Ford II.

An obvious connecting link between the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers is the Rockefeller family, particularly the youngest son, David.

Senator Barry Goldwater: "David Rockefeller's newest international cabal [The Trilateral Commission] intended to be the vehicle for consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by SEIZING CONTROL OF THE POLITICAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES."

The Illuminati

An evolved 1700s order, of German origin, which had as a founding principle that "the end justifies the means" and that bad deeds were only "bad" because of moral rules the Illuminated ones deemed "arbitrary". (Obviously, Hitler embraced this idea.) Merged itself into European Freemasonry, and settled into "Hidden Grades", that is the degrees (ranks) in Freemasonry above 33, unknown to the general public and most lower ranking Freemasons. Unknown if it exists today explicitly, though the groups outlined above certainly appear to embrace the concepts of the early philosophy.


The ongoing "connective tissue" between modern and ancient secret societies, which existed long before the 18th century Illuminati. Derived from actual ancient masons, who had meeting halls or "lodges" in every major city of the Old World and did carry secret construction related knowledge. Prominent nineteenth-century Freemason Albert Pike admitted that Freemasonry has "two doctrines, one concealed and reserved for the Masters, ...the other public...". The vast majority of Masons never pass from the public to the concealed doctrine.

Deception of the public as to the concealed doctrines has been accomplished by providing both Masonic initiates and the inquiring public with such a mass of contradictory and confusing information, traditions, and history that even Masonic scholars cannot agree on many issues. Author Albert Mackey acknowledges that Masonic records are "replete with historical inaccuracies, with anachronisms, and even with absurdities."

[Eleanor White speaking here:] With secrecy, and a scale of loyalty oaths leading towards a shifting of allegiance from God and Country to Freemasonry, one can see that the upper, not-known-to-the-public-or-most-Masons "Illuminated" levels of Freemasonry would at least provide fertile soil for the nurture and practice of psycho-electronic mind control.

It is kind of amazing how many historical figures were or are high level Masons. Here's a sampling from page 255:

U.S. Presidents: Washington, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Garfield, Taft, Harding, Truman, Ford and both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt.

Also: John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Douglas MacArthur, J. Edgar Hoover, Hubert Humphrey, Winston Churchill, Cecil Rhodes, Horatio Nelson, Duke Arthur Wellington, Simon Bolivar, Franz Josef Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Goethe, and Voltaire.

Here are some other notable tidbits excerpted from the book:

[Page 8] When it comes to this nation's deepest, darkest secrets, it appears there are powers even higher than the President of the United States and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

[Page 11] "They" also maintain monopolies over energy, medicine, armaments, and manufacturing by SUPPRESSING NEW TECHNOLOGIES.

[Page 13] U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter once revealed, "The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes".

[Page 13] ...newly elected President Franklin Roosevelt wrote... "The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson."

[Page 14] Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty (retired) served as a Focal Point liaison officer between the Pentagon and the CIA from 1955 to 1963. From his vantage point, Prouty was able to witness the control mechanisms over both intelligence and the military. Writing in 1973, Prouty said the United States is run by a "Secret Team", an "inner sanctum of a new religious order" answerable only to themselves. "The power of the Team derives from its vast intra-governmental undercover infrastructure and its direct relationship with the great private industries, mutual funds, and investment houses, universities, and the news media, including foreign and domestic publishing houses.

"...All true members of the Team remain in the power center whether in office with the incumbent administration or out of office with the hardcore set. They simply rotate to and from official jobs and the business world or the pleasant haven of academe."

[Pages 146-147] A prerequisite for grasping the background for the rise of the Nazi cult is understanding The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This is a list of procedures for world domination. This document may have wreaked more havoc than almost any other piece of literature in recent history.

The Protocols still chills readers with its prophetic description of the methodology for tyranny by the few. Its message fits quite well with the elitist outlooks of men like Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschild's. "We are the chosen, we are the only true men. Our minds give off the true power of the spirit; the intelligence of the rest of the world is merely instinctive and animal. They can see, but they cannot foresee; their inventions are merely corporeal. Does it not follow that nature herself has predestined us to dominate the whole world?" stated the Protocols.

"Outwardly, however, in our 'official' utterances, we shall adopt an opposite procedure, and always do our best to appear honorable and cooperative. . . One day they will accept us as benefactors and saviors of the human race. If any state dared to resist us, if its neighbors make common cause with it, we will unleash a world war."

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