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30 March 2003

"You can no more win a war, than you can win an earthquake."

-- Jeanette Rankin

1) Letter from Baghdad
- - "So Much Blood Everywhere"
2) Kucinich Calls for Immediate End to War
3) Michael Ruppert -- The Perfect Storm - Part II

- - "Takoma the dolphin goes Awol"
- - Guilty for 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers
4) An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones
5) The Zinn Way -- Getting Along

Editor's Notes:

Before the next deadly phase of this so-called "successful" war, the siege of Baghdad, please continue to urge the United Nations to stop the horrendous assault on innocent life. Demand inspections and a peaceful disarmament of any of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The US actions are actually encouraging proliferation and development. As people of the world, we implore the United Nations to help end this illegal war.

Encourage a UN General Assembly emergency meeting to evoke the 'Uniting for Peace' resolution and demand an immediate cease fire, and withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq.

This war is wrong - this administration is wrong.

‘Uniting for Peace to Resolve the Iraq Crisis'
For UN contact and more information, see:,41257,

Item one shows why we can't stop trying. These words come from a letter from an American nurse in Baghdad helping injured children. Please listen, and take action. Item 2 is the statement by Congressman Dennis Kucinich for an immediate end to this war. Item 3 is from Michael Ruppert, on the inner workings in the financial empire, leading to what he calls a perfect storm, soaring oil prices, economy upheavals, and the Bush fall guys.

"..In the meantime, there are increasing signs that the U.S. political and economic elites are laying the groundwork to make the Bush administration, specifically Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Perle and Wolfowitz, sacrificial scapegoats for a failed policy in time to consolidate post 9-11 gains, regroup and move forward.." -- Michael Ruppert

Item 4 is a preface from one of Ruppert's recommended books: "America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones" by Antony C. Sutton.

With all these heavy items, make sure you read last item and link to Howard Zinn's article: "On Getting Along."

1) Letter from Baghdad

March 26, 2003

Dear Friends,

It is impossible to describe. It is like we are submerged in a glowing yellow-orange cloud here in the city. Our Iraqi friends say they have never seen anything like it. It is eerier than any science fiction film I've ever seen. Some say it is caused by a combination of the burning oil and the billowing smoke from the bombs. Both near and far the bombs continue to fall.

Heavy bombing woke me out of a deep sleep last night. Earlier I'd been on the telephone with a friend who told me that in her neighborhood a missile had struck the day before wounding 29 and killing 5. Among the dead was a 12 year old. "Cathy" she said, "please tell them (the U.S.) to stop talking about humanitarian aide." Apparently this keeps coming on over the television news. "Please tell them to shut up!" How ludicrous to speak of humanitarian aide as the country is being bombed, people being killed and wounded and their homes destroyed!

The Bush administration said a couple of days ago that the war has been successful because so far there have been only 500 casualties. I am anxious to get word to you about some of these "casualties" as I've been to the trauma hospitals these last 3 days to see for myself. This is not to mention the trauma of fear and terror of the bombing which has no end. As I write you the bombs continue and the windows threaten to explode. Should I move somewhere else? There really is no safe place.

Let me tell you about Amar, a 7 year old boy whom I saw in the hospital this morning. He has an emergency chest tube to drain blood as he suffered multiple shell injuries. His mother, Hannah, died in the direct hit to their house this morning. He is from a farming village on the outskirts of Baghdad. Then there is Mueen, 8 years old also the son of a farmer, but from another area. He is in the bed alongside Amar and also has a drainage tube. But his is from the abdomen. The doctor showed us a plastic bag holding parts of his small intestine which had to be removed during surgery in order to try and get to all of the shrapnel. His father died in that bombing, and his 6 year old brother Ali was wounded in the head.

Shall I go on? Ten year old Rusel was wounded in an explosion outside her door. We saw the shrapnel in her chest on the Xray and she too has a chest tube. Her right hand is fractured. I had seen her yesterday and to my surprise she remembered me. We played with the finger puppet of the frog for a moment and I decided to leave it with her. I told her that I was going to tell other children what a brave little girl she is. Her father said "Bush said he'd bring democracy to Iraq. This is not democracy. This is terrorism!"

Nada Adnan is a 14 year old high school student who came in with a deep gash and fracture to her right forehead. She also has a hunk of shrapnel in her upper thigh.. Some of our folks were present when she and her family were brought into the hospital. Her mother had to be restrained as she was so distraught. A missile had crashed into her uncle's home where they were staying, causing the walls to collapse. Nada's 8 year old sister had died as a result. Nada said "Is this good what is happening here? How many children have been killed? How many wars they've done to us? And we have so much pain…All the countries know that Bush has committed a crime."

An elderly woman, Fatima, had fallen in fear during the bombing and fractured her hip. She had already had surgery for the hip, but her ankle too is in a cast and her knee is wounded. Mohammed her husband said "We are not the enemy or against you. We love freedom for everyman, for every human in the world. Bush is not human. He is the enemy against humanity."

We meet Ali and his wife in the hospital, the parents of four young children. They tell us that they want the war to stop for the children's sake, for the mothers. They say that families are all leaving their homes to run away from the bombs. They try and stay all together at one of their relatives homes. "If we die, we want to die together." Ali works in a food shop, they explain. But all of the stores are closed and there is no work. No money coming in. The children no longer go to school. All of their children are fearful and hiding under the covers.

And Mr. Bush says the war is successful. Children maimed for life. Children orphaned in an instant. Their homes destroyed. Their young men forced to fight. A peaceful people visited by unspeakable terror and violence. Oh tell me Mr. Bush, what should I do with my anger, with my rage? Can you tell me what to say to the people here when they ask me what have they done?, when they ask me why is this happening?

They know I am from America. As I meet their questioning eyes and despairing expressions I have no words. Mr. Bush, shall I tell them that the war so far is a success. I can only say "I'm sorry" on behalf of us all. And, please God stay the hand of my nation.



For a related article: "So Much Blood Everywhere"
‘A Baghdad hospital is overwhelmed after a missile hits an outdoor market, killing dozens.'
By John Daniszewski and Sergei L. Loiko
Times Staff Writers - March 29, 2003, see:,1,3678088.story

2) Kucinich Calls for Immediate End to War

28 Mar 2003

Today, at a press conference on Capitol Hill, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), who leads opposition to the war in Iraq, issued the following statement:

"This Administration has never made its case for war against Iraq. It is an unjustified war, which the Administration continues to misrepresent and exaggerate. The most recent example is the Administration's characterization of international coalition support for this war."

"This morning, President Bush once again exaggerated the extent of support for the war stating that the coalition of countries supporting this war is larger than the 1991 Gulf War. What Bush failed to mention was that back in 1991, all of the 34 coalition members offered military force, by contributing troops on the ground, aircraft, ships or medics. "

"This war involves the troops of only the U.S., Britain, Australia, Poland and Albania. Not even the three members of the Security Council that support the war, Spain, Italy, and Bulgaria are committing military support."

"This Bush Administration has been adding coalition member to their list based on statements of "moral" support. As the Washington Post reported last week, if this type of criteria was used back in 1991, the size of the coalition would likely have topped 100 countries."

"Further, the total cost of the Gulf War to the United States was around $4 billion dollars. This time, the President has come to Congress requesting a $75 billion bill, all of which will be paid by U. S. taxpayers. Clearly, military and economic support from countries is far more important than statements of 'well-wishes'."

"This war must end now. It was unjust when it started last week, and is still unjust today. The U.S. should get out now and try to save the lives of American troops and Iraqi citizens. Most importantly, ending the war now and resuming weapons inspections could salvage world opinion of the United States, which has been deteriorating since the talk of war began. After all, the greatest threat to the United States at this time is terrorism, which is breeding from this war."

Congressman Kucinich will issue daily statements on the war in Iraq.
For more information, visit:

3) Michael Ruppert -- The Perfect Storm - Part II

From the Wilderness Publications



"Shock and Awe" Is "Mocked and Flawed" --
War Plan Stumbles as Bush Tells CNN, "It's Gonna Take a While to Achieve Our Objective... This Is Just the Beginning of a Tough Fight." --
U.S. Soldiers Captured, Iraqi Resistance Significant and Toughening

U.S. Press/Political Hostility to Bush Administration Intensifies – Major Papers Discussing Criminal Behavior, Impeachment as Focus Intensifies on Forged Niger Uranium Docs –
Cheney, Powell and Rumsfeld Implicated

Oil Bonanza Fading as Economic Indicators Weaken in an Unstable Environment – Iraqi Oil Deliveries Interrupted – Reality Tramples Market Exuberance

Turk-Kurdish Chaos More Likely

Has the U.S. Been Set Up by Europe, Russia and China?

by Michael C. Ruppert

© Copyright 2003,
From The Wilderness Publications,
All Rights Reserved.
May be reprinted, distributed or posted on an Internet web site for non-profit purposes only.

[ The following was excerpted, the complete article is posted at: ]

March 24, 2003, 2100 EDT (FTW) – Atlanta,

Military, economic, oil, and political storms continue to gather and converge in what may become a Perfect Storm for the Bush Administration and the United States economy.

On the fifth day of a U.S. military campaign rejected by the U.N. Security Council, at least 12 U.S. soldiers have been captured by Iraqi forces near al Nasiriyah even as various foreign news sources are reporting that as many as four to ten of the vaunted M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks have been destroyed in combat. A helicopter aircrew has been captured further north. ABC has reported that coalition casualties are approaching 200. Promises that Iraqi civilians expecting liberation would greet coalition troops with open arms have been unfulfilled as Iraqi resistance stiffens on a daily basis..

..In the meantime, there are increasing signs that the U.S. political and economic elites are laying the groundwork to make the Bush administration, specifically Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Perle and Wolfowitz, sacrificial scapegoats for a failed policy in time to consolidate post 9-11 gains, regroup and move forward. These indications include: written press attacks on the Bush administration by select journalists long known for their loyalty and obedience to financial interests and the CIA; a growing revolt from within the intelligence communities of the U.S. and the U.K. including damaging leaks undermining the credibility of the administration; serious economic consequences closing in on the financial markets; growing signs of pending oil shortages; and indications that the use of forged documents by the Bush and Blair regimes may become the Watergate burglary of the 21st century.


While most of the American people rely on television coverage for their worldview, those within the government, politics and the financial markets look to a select group of entrenched print journalists to sniff the winds of political change. Those winds started blowing against George W. Bush and his administration before the war began. In what appears to be intensifying anti-Bush rhetoric, an unprecedented media effort is beginning to cut the legs from under the administration even as it gambles everything on an increasingly elusive military victory.

March 15 – The International Herald Tribune reported that top officials of the World Trade Organization had also started turning on Bush by reporting, "...officials said they feared that American moves within the organization and toward a war in Iraq would weaken respect for international rules and lead to serious practical consequences for the world economy and business.

"In the past months the United States has compiled one of the worst records for violating trade rules... "They said they were worried that all international institutions would suffer a loss of credibility if the one superpower appeared to be choosing which rules to obey and which rules to ignore."

The WTO, globalization, is the heart of the economic power bloc that brought Bush into power.

March 16 – The big guns at The Washington Post begin to open fire. In a lengthy story on the controversial Carlyle Group, a major private investment bank with which both the President and his father have deep financial connections, Greg Schneider made some absolutely stunning statements:

"David M. Rubenstein is exasperated, and he blurts something that a quick look around the room proves is outrageous: "We're not," he nearly shouts, "that well connected!

"Behind him is a picture of Rubenstein on a plane with then-Gov. George W. Bush. Across the room, a photo of Rubenstein with the President's father and mother. Next to that, Rubenstein and Mikhail Gorbachev. Elsewhere: Rubenstein and Jimmy Carter. On a bookshelf: Rubenstein and the pope... "Rubenstein, after all, is founder of the Carlyle Group...

[To view previous FTW stories on the Carlyle group please visit ]

March 20 – Columnist Craig Roberts, writing in the traditionally pro-Republican, conservative Washington Times delivered perhaps the most shocking signal that the power establishment, which should have stopped the war before it started, was moving to set the administration up for a fall.

In a column titled "A Reckless Path", Roberts' lead paragraph read:

"Will Bush be impeached? Will he be called a war criminal? These are not hyperbolic questions. Mr. Bush has permitted a small cadre of neoconservatives to isolate him from world opinion, putting him at odds with the United Nations and America's allies."

It got worse from there.

"...On the eve of Mr. Bush's ultimatum, it came to light that a key piece of evidence used by the Bush administration to link Iraq to a nuclear weapons program is a forgery. Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, the ranking Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee, has asked the FBI to investigate the forged documents that the Bush administration has used to make its case that Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction."

Amazingly, Roberts then went on to make a comparison with Adolf Hitler's faked attacks by SS soldiers dressed as Polish troops in 1939 to justify the invasion of Poland, which started the Second World War.

Roberts closed his column with a dire warning. "Mr. Bush and his advisers have forgotten that the power of an American president is temporary and relative."..


It has been happening for two months now. Leaks, protests, even overt criticisms from those like former senior CIA analyst Stephen Pelletier, who has revealed that it was Iran rather than Iraq which had killed thousands of Kurds in massive poison gas attacks in the 1980s. More recently we have seen British intelligence personnel leak information to the press showing that Britain's infamous intelligence dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) had been plagiarized from outdated information in graduate student papers and that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has engaged in illegal wiretapping of U.N. officials in attempts to secure enough votes for a resolution in support of the invasion.


The utterly ridiculous and unjustified drop in oil prices and upsurge in the Dow last week is belied by real data on oil supplies as the Iraqi invasion stumbles. As the war intensifies some real garbage and some occasional gems of truth are coming from the major media.

First, it is a given that while the war is in progress, Iraqi oil exports are virtually non-existent. The port region around Basra – which accounts for well more than half of Iraqi exports -- is virtually shut down. One pipeline running from northern Iraq to the Turkish port of Ceyhan is reported to be intact but there are no reports as to whether oil is actually flowing. It's not likely. What this means is that it is a safe bet that two million plus barrels per day (Mbpd) have been taken out of world supplies.

In the meantime, according to The Financial Times today, the Mexican government has announced its intent to start selling U.S. dollars on world currency markets. This move could further weaken an already shaky U.S. dollar, especially if other nations, angered at the U.S. invasion of Iraq, follow suit. Since oil is currently purchased in dollars, inevitable future oil price spikes could become doubly painful for the U.S. economy as the dollar loses value.


"At the Security Council, some are questioning the veracity of any U.S. claim regarding Iraq." – The Boston Globe, March 16, 2003

The first official report that documents prepared on stationery of the governments of Niger and Iraq detailing a planned sale of uranium to Iraq were forged came on March 7. Mohamed ElBaradei, the chief nuclear inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency told the U.N. Security Council that the documents, "were not authentic." The first paper to break the news was London's Financial Times. The documents, not very clever or convincing, failed to convince the U.N. but were, however, included in British Prime Minister Tony Blair's now legendary flawed intelligence dossier, which had been presented to Parliament on Sept. 24, 2002.

The Washington Post picked up on the story on March 8 where it reported that, "The forgers had made relatively crude errors that eventually gave them away – including names and titles that did not match up with the individuals who held office at the time the letters were purportedly written, the officials said."

On March 14, Ken Guggenheim of The Associated Press reported that Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa.), ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee had called the FBI and asked for an investigation of the documents. Rockefeller's full name is John D. Rockefeller, IV and he is a direct descendant of the same family that essentially brought the Bush family into power. What is amazing here is not only that someone has requested an investigation of just one of the hundreds of Bush administration inconsistencies and proven lies since 9-11, but that it was a Rockefeller who requested it. That reality has thundered throughout Washington's power corridors like an earthquake.

FTW placed calls to both FBI headquarters and Rockefeller's Washington offices asking for comment or further information. An FBI spokesperson told FTW that the Bureau had nothing to say. After hearing what the topic was, a Rockefeller spokesperson promised to call back but did not.

Colin Powell immediately started denying that the State Department had anything to do with creating the forgeries. No one had accused him! And the story picked up "legs" in print media around the world.

The most scathing blow to date – and there are sure to be more – came from Congressman Henry Waxman (D, Ca.) who, in a six-page March 17 letter to George Bush, created a locked-down record of Bush's, Cheney's, Rumsfeld's and Powell's use of the documents, even pointing out that the President had made reference to the documents in his State-of-the-Union address in January by saying, "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." Waxman noted next that, "a day later, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters at a news briefing that Iraq "recently was discovered seeking significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

Waxman closed his letter with three chilling questions that may now distance George Tenet from George W. Bush and his cabinet, who will all go down together if it becomes necessary. Waxman asked the President to directly address:

1.Whether CIA officials communicated their doubts about the credibility of the forged evidence to other Administration officials, including officials at the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, and the White House;

2.Whether the CIA had any input into the "Fact Sheet" distributed by the State Department on December 19, 2002; and

3.Whether the CIA reviewed your statement in the State of the Union address regarding Iraq's attempts to obtain uranium from Africa and, if so, what the CIA said about the statement.

I can hear the distant echoes of Senator Howard Baker in the Senate Watergate hearings asking,
"What did the President know and when did he know it?"


It's all coming together on the radar screen and the chances are that these storms are going to merge. In this all out economic war of survival, as Peak Oil forces its way into the public consciousness, Russia will likely continue to provide Saddam with arms and technical assistance. France may well share intelligence. China, with the slightest nod, can contribute tactical advice and many mines for the Mediterranean. All of them can indirectly, and through plausibly deniable methods, foster and supply revolts in oil producing regions around the globe. And they can all laugh and deny as the U.S. tries to point a finger at them. This has all been done before..

..The tragedy, of course, is that the American people will suffer greatly as the storms converge. The truth is that the American people have never been any more of a concern to the powers that be than the people in the rest of the world have, except that giving them a higher standard of living made them compliant and dumb. It appears as if even that is no longer necessary. The destruction of American credibility and the transfer of its wealth are necessary steps in the creation of the New World Order.

Everything might just come crashing down all at once and if that happens the powers that rule will sacrifice their little Caesar and cut a deal with the other nations quickly. Just as in Shakespeare's play, there will be many wounds in Caesar's body, inflicted by many different people. But most certainly one of the daggers will be found in the hand of George Tenet and the CIA. He knows where the real power resides.

The above was excerpted, the complete article is posted at:

For a lighter related item - "Takoma the dolphin - Awol",,5944-627180,00.html
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
For an important archived - November 2001 - article:
Introduction & Section 1 by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel

4) An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones

An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones"
by Antony C. Sutton

There are two ways of looking at the world. You can take the morning paper at face value and believe the world oscillates between the dumb-show of "left-wing" and "right-wing". Or you can begin to question this national hypnosis. - Adam Parfrey

From the Preface:

" After 16 books and 25 years in basic research I thought I'd heard it all ... the world was a confused mess, probably beyond understanding and certainly beyond salvation - and there was little I could do about it. Back in 1968 my Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development was published by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. In three substantial volumes I detailed how the West had built the Soviet Union. However, the work generated a seemingly insoluble puzzle - why have we done this? Why did we build the Soviet Union, while we also transferred technology to Hitler's Germany? Why does Washington want to conceal these facts? Why have we boosted Soviet military power? And simultaneously boosted our own? In subsequent books, the Wall Street series, I added more questions - but no answers. I had more or less arrived at the conclusion that there was no rational answer that could be proven. Then a year or so ago I received an eight-inch batch of documents nothing less than the membership lists of an American secret society. Glancing through the sheets it was more than obvious - this was no ordinary group. The names spelled Power, with a capital P. As I probed each individual a pattern emerged ... and a formerly fuzzy world became crystal clear. The book you will read here is a combined version of a series reporting on this research. Each volume builds on the previous volume in a logical step-by-step process. These volumes will explain why the West built the Soviets and Hitler; why we go to war, to lose; why Wall Street loves Marxists and Nazis; why the kids can't read; why the Churches have become propaganda founts; why historical facts are suppressed, why politicians lie and a hundred other whys."

"This series is infinitely more important than the original Western Technology series on technological transfers. If I have a magnum opus, this is it". - Antony C. Sutton.

An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones" by Antony C. Sutton,
and other books recommended by Michael Ruppert, visit:

5) The Zinn Way -- Getting Along

On Getting Along
By Howard Zinn

You ask how I manage to stay involved and remain seemingly happy and adjusted to this awful world where the efforts of caring people pale in comparison to those who have power?

For the complete article, see:

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