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Peace Prospect for Inspections and Oil * APOLOGY

26 February 2003

1) Iraq Agrees To Full Compliance With Inspectors and Oil
2) US Apology and Appeal ~ UN HELP

Editor's Notes:

Time is moving fast -- or is it -- too much happening in too little time. Either way, choices for positive actions now are significant. The first item is from Stratfor, a global intelligence service, reporting on intel that could avert a war. According to Stratfor's sources, President Saddam Hussein is proposing to be in full compliance with the German-French plan for inspections and disarmament of weapons of mass destruction. Stratfor also reports that Hussein is willing for the return of US-oil commercial business in Iraq, if the US calls off the invasion. The report suggests that the response from Bush is uncertain. The second item illustrates a concern for such uncertainty. The APOLOGY is circulating all over the web, a sort of consensus is forming that the only rationale behind the Bush foreign policy is to engage Armageddon.

But the US doesn't rule the world, yet, and a United Nations pro-active peace proposal could effectively stop the US from launching its invasion.

Please support a UN resolution called "Uniting for Peace" in supporting a plan for peace. Please contact your UN rep and others to take action and stop a US preemptive war.

"All of us have heard this term "preventive war" since the earliest days of Hitler. I recall that's about the first time I heard it. In this day and time, I don't believe there is such a thing, and frankly I wouldn't even listen to anyone seriously that came in and talked about such a thing."

-- President Dwight D. Eisenhower

The source for the above Eisenhower quote came to Flyby News from Paul Begala of CNN's Crossfire, during an interview with Dennis Kucinich.

Please take action before an undignified ending comes to the human species.

1) Iraq Agrees To Full Compliance With Inspectors and Oil

From Stratfor, a global intelligence service:

Sources: Iraq Agrees To Full Compliance With Inspectors

Former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, reputed to be a personal friend of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, made a lightning visit to Baghdad on Feb. 23. The purpose and results of the meeting are shrouded in secrecy, apart from a statement by Moscow that Hussein was asked -- and agreed -- to cooperate fully with U.N. weapons inspectors.

Reliable Stratfor sources within the Russian government say Hussein indeed has promised to cooperate with the inspectors' demands --including that Baghdad scrap its al Samoud 2 missile program by March 1, an announcement that sources expect to be forthcoming within days.

The importance of the meeting stretches much further, however. Sources say the Iraqi leader has agreed to a proposal by Russian President Vladimir Putin -- previously discussed between Russian, French and German leaders -- that Baghdad formally invite U.N. peacekeepers within the next 10 days or so to back up weapons inspectors. This, sources say, would show the world that Iraq will be unconditionally disarmed under strict and fully enforceable U.N. deadlines, with peacekeepers staying on in Iraq until the task is complete.

Sources also say that Hussein has asked Putin to deliver a secret offer to U.S. and British energy giants, inviting them back to Iraq as major industry players roughly 30 years after they were ousted from the country. The companies could return to Iraq immediately if Washington calls off its planned invasion.

On Feb. 24, Vladimir Voloshin the head of Russia's presidential administration -- left Moscow for Washington, where he is likely to deliver that message to President George W. Bush. The choice of Voloshin as a diplomatic envoy is highly unusual, because he focuses on managing Russia's internal affairs and has never been dispatched in this way before. Voloshin also will brief U.S. leaders on other aspects of the discussion between Primakov and Hussein. The ultimate goal of this visit is to persuade the Bush administration that Iraq will be disarmed to such a point that it not only will be unable to threaten U.S. and Israeli forces for years to come, but would be unable to resist a U.S. invasion if Washington deems it necessary to attack Iraq in the future. If Washington is at least partly receptive to this message and to Hussein's promises, a second meeting between Primakov and Hussein likely will result.

If intelligence from Stratfor sources is correct, the Bush administration could save face by claiming that Iraq's true disarmament was reached only through U.S. military pressure. Putin already has called British Prime Minister Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac to convey details of the Primakov meeting. Sources say Chirac was enthusiastic about the proposal, and that Blair has also reacted favorably. But the fate of the proposal rests with Washington.

The Bush administration's reaction at this point is far from clear. The proposal would not achieve Washington's two main goals in Iraq: regime change and a new base for U.S. forces in the Middle East. However, as the costs of war continue to pile up, the Russian proposal could be considered a face-saving exit for Washington.

The ultimate decision likely will come down to Bush administration advisers -- including former U.S. President George H.W. Bush -- who will weigh the risks involved for the current president's re-election plans and the U.S. geopolitical stance as a whole. At this point, we believe the Bush administration will reject Hussein's overtures and Putin's proposal. But there will be more to the story: Last minute-attempts to block or promote the war will continue within the U.N. Security Council and possibly involving a second trip by Primakov to Baghdad.


Flyby News gratefully acknowledges receipt of this report from Thomas Smith from the AriseAction list serve, sent to him apparently by Dennis Burke CPPAX

2) US Apology and Appeal ~ UN HELP

THE APOLOGY - From the heart of the United States, we extend a profound apology to the rest of the world for the serious failure of our political system.

While not receiving a majority of the popular vote and selected by the Supreme Court rather than elected, we nevertheless have ended up with a sociopath as President surrounded by religious fanatics who actively seek war and others who seek to destroy our democracy and impose authoritarian values.

This group is taking the world down the path to an Armageddon that they believe is the necessary and appropriate end to the world as we know it.

They hate life, believe themselves to be flawed by sin, and long for a divine intervention that will make them rulers of an Earth transformed by the absence of earthiness.

They care nothing for the environment because there won't be an environment when they are done.

They do not care about international law and a preemptive U.S. strike as precedent because there will be no such law under the elevated "Christian" rule.

They do not worry that an invasion of Iraq may cause outrage in the Muslim world and spread the conflict because such an expansion is part of the necessary script.

They do not worry about later retaliation by those angered at an invasion of Iraq because all such lesser beings will be under their unbreakable domination after the final battle.

They do not worry about how to govern a post-war Iraq because they will be ruling the entire world and everyone will appear before them on bended knee. They do not worry about Iraq or the U.S. initiating the use of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction because use of such weapons is part of the Armageddon script.

They only thing they worry about is getting the war started before some force can prevent their usurpation of everyone's future.

At home, civil liberties are quickly being erased in favor of absolute government to prevent democratic discussion of and opposition to the coming holocaust and to practice for their coming domination of the world.

We lack an appropriate political mechanism for removing these dangerous people from power. We do not have the opportunity to vote no confidence, as the Australian Senate did.

The once proud Democratic Party is coopted and corrupted by corporate contributions and eager to beat the drums of war in hopes of being popular.

The once independent media is now a corporate conglomerate that closes more doors to truth than it opens.

Our people are fed lies big and small and lack access to the information they need to understand what is happening in our country.

Flush with the wealth exploited from the planet they seek to kill, our government and corporations bribe, buy, or otherwise coerce smaller and more fragile governments into ignorantly supporting the coming destruction.

All we can do is appeal to those outside our country to save the world from our government. Even though we will not hear about it from our media, march in your streets. Even though we will not hear about it from our media, expose the lies being told by our government and others. Even though we will not hear about it in our media, talk about Armageddon so people will know where the madness is leading. Urge your government to vote no on any U.N. resolution furthering the Armageddon agenda.

We will continue to reach out to our fellow citizens within the limitations imposed on our society and do our part to bring sanity back to the human family and protect all life. Our apology is an expression of our love for and unity with that family and the living Earth.

-- Concerned Citizens of America -- BREATHE in and BREATHE out


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