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09 December 2002

"I will not give in to blackmail nor pressures of any kind. I swear to you that I will be with the people my entire life. You brought me here and you are the only ones who can get rid of me. Nobody else is going to take me out of here."

- Venezuela President Hugo Chavez
Saturday, December 7, 2002

1) The War on Freedom Review - Who knew?
2) Berlin Declaration - "The war on terrorism does not work."
3) Venezuela-Chavez Update - What's Really Happening
4) TollBells Schedule of Prisoner-Killings

Editor's Notes:

This issue of Flyby News again revisits the powerful book that investigated the terrorists' attacks on September 11, 2001. The item contains a review by a former skeptic, who was turned around by the evidences revealed by the book, "The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked." Evidences that will surely be overlooked by Henry K. and the "official" 9/11 investigators. Item 2 is a declaration from Berlin in honor of Human Rights Day supporting the end of the terrorism-creating-campaigns. Please read and consider adding your name in support of this document that eloquently states the obvious - that war on terrorism does not work. Item 3, (thanks to the Narco News), reports on what is really going on in Venezuela. The bogus TV reports are really disgusting, and in actuality, are in alliance with attacks on freedom. The oil people are going crazy these days. Meanwhile a report just came in on a study declaring that a war on Iraq could cost around $1.9 trillion dollars.* Holy Cow!.

*Study: Iraq War Could Cost $1.9 Trillion, see following URL link:

Meanwhile I am having trouble with my $30 order for really cool bumper stickers. Any help for this purchase, for mailings, sending Flyby News to prisons, web hosting costs, etc. would be much appreciated. Also, if you want a bumper sticker for your car – for the "mainstream education drive" let me know. When I can afford to, I will send this artistic, full color bumper sticker, which was designed by Liz Nicholas of (It costs me about $2-3 per bumper sticker for printing. Thank you Liz, and everyone else who has contributed and networked in support of Flyby News, especially Mik, our original web master. We still have an IOU with this wonderful patient friend. Flyby News is committed to continuing our efforts to around December 21, 2012, if possible, and then will reassess the situation. This December 21st solstice (8:14 PM EST) marks 10 years before the completion of a major Mayan calendar cycle. [See, under "Flyby Support" for a link to on this subject and for contact information, etc..]

As you must realize by now, completing our fifth year of independent news reporting, Flyby News will take chances on controversial topics, combining political, social, technological, cultural, and spiritual perceptions into the mix of news for life's survival in the 21st Century.

Bart Jordan may be the ultimate controversial topic in our reporting. There are very few places that mention his name. Yet he continues to receive about 35% of all visits to Flyby News (where we have been averaging about 100 hits per day). His story and evidences of technologically advanced ancient civilizations is well worth reviewing. We will continue to provide updates on this extraordinary individual. Harry Jordan, (not blood-related to Bart) recently contacted us through the Millennium Group. Harry Jordan will be sharing his work on the face on Mars at an International Conference in Michigan, July 4-6, 2003 . He intends to present his overlay survey drawings completed on the Mars' Cydonia region that demonstrate Bart Jordan's accuracy in mapping this area with the latest NASA Surveyor images. Bart Jordan's sources for his information was from ancient literature.

See this following URL page for a November, 2000 article on this by Harry Jordan, which includes a link to his resume:

You can learn more about Bart Jordan at this Flyby News URL:

"In mindful time past, we honored our grandparents;
in mindless time present, we threaten our grandchildren."
-- Bart Jordan

Another date that you should mark on your calendar for summer 2003 is July 12 and 13 -- for SolarFest: Energy Education Through the Arts. Their nonprofit mission is to educate people about renewable energy by engaging the community through the performing arts. In its eight-year history, SolarFest has built a reputation for promoting artistic excellence and community-building, and has raised awareness when people realize that the entire weekend festival is run on solar energy.

But on the near term agenda, especially if around Amherst, MA this Wednesday, check out this:

Wednesday, 11 December 2002, 7pm
Top of the Campus (11th floor, Campus Center) UMass, Amherst)

Civil Liberties Under Attack at UMASS!

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst has assigned a campus police officer to work under the direction and control of the FBI Anti-Terrorism Task Force. FBI presence on our campus is an issue that we must take seriously. As the Bush administration continues its "War or Terrorism" with plans to invade Iraq, the FBI poses a threat to civil liberties and human rights here in the U.S.

Please join us for this OPEN FORUM, which will address the FBI's repressive history as well as the current situation.


- Milton Cantor, UMass History Dept., on McCarthyism
- John Bracey, UMass Dept. of Afro-American Studies, on Black activism
- Joyce White Deer Vincent, Native American Student Support Services
- Marty Nathan, Greensboro Justice Fund, on labor activism
- Bill Newman, ACLU, on civil rights and civil liberties today
- Ryan Coughlin, UMass Anti-War Coaltion, on current Anti-War movement
- Chair Sara Lennox, STPEC/Dept. of Germanic Languages and Literatures

Sponsored by: STPEC, Office of ALANA Affairs, the UMass Anti-War Coalition, and an ad-hoc committee of concerned faculty, staff, students, and community members

[Please note (related to this above topic) that Flyby News has updated our page on Leonard Peltier]

Item 4 in this issue gives a list of those expecting to be executed this month in the USA. Please make an effort to stop institutional and all killings. The hopeful news that a Judge granted a stay of execution in the case of Desmond Carter is not absolute. Please consider contacting Governor Easely, and any state that plays the role of God in determining someone's guilt to end their life. This precedent, as with the Bush push for war can only make things worse.

Blessed be this human rights day, and each day. Thanks for sharing such incredible times, if only we can survive with freedom, we will have one incredible story and life to share.

1) The War on Freedom Review - Who knew?

Who knew?
by Mike Keefe-Feldman
Published by Missoula Independent
December 5, 2002
[Originally Published: 11/14/2002 In the Books section]

The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked
by Nafeez M. Ahmed.

New book examines possible White House role in 9/11 attacks

Three months after Sept. 11, 2001, I was substitute teaching a high school political science course. Because the students had finished the day's lesson plan, we began talking about current events. When the talk turned to Sept. 11, a young girl in the class said that she thought that President Bush knew what was going to happen and let it happen anyway. I instantly responded that I thought it was far-fetched to think Bush had been somehow complicit in the events of Sept. 11. Steal an election? Maybe. But my mind was simply unable to ponder such a gruesome possibility. Yet it is just this possibility that Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed considers in The War on Freedom: How and Why America Was Attacked.

Despite the fact that Ahmed is the executive director of the Institute for Policy Research and Development in Brighton, UK, and despite the fact that his scholarship has been recommended as a resource by Harvard University, I was prepared for a presentation fit for the pages of some wacko Web site named something like But my skepticism was soon reigned in.

Ahmed presents information within the pages of his book cited from respected sources including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Wall Street Journal. But while the mainstream media has supplied pieces of the puzzle, it's left to Ahmed to piece together the big picture. The information presented in this book is shocking, terrifying and severely under-reported. The War on Freedom is so ominous that I felt dirty reading it, and yet I was fascinated at the same time, like a young boy holding a magnifying glass up to an ant, enthralled with the burning creature struggling on the pavement.

One of the key points that Ahmed focuses on is alleged high-level "blocks" on suspected terrorists that the FBI was investigating prior to Sept. 11. One of the most particularly disturbing findings was reported in The Washington Times, stating that local FBI investigators in Minneapolis "had immediately viewed Zacarias [Moussaoui] as a terrorist suspect and sought authorization for a special counterintelligence surveillance warrant in order to search the hard drive of his computer." The Times reported that this request was denied by the Justice Department and top FBI officials. Rather than simply reporting this fact, Ahmed puts it into focus by presenting government reports that show "...the special court that reviews [these] requests has approved more than 12,000 Justice Department applications for covert search warrants and wiretaps and rejected only one since the act was passed in 1978."

The question, then: Why reject a search warrant request on Moussaoui? Particularly after, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported, "An instructor at a Minnesota flight school warned the FBI in August of his suspicion that a student…might be planning to use a commercial plane as a weapon…warn[ing] the FBI in urgent tones about the terrorist threat posed by the student, Zacarias Moussaoui." Ahmed also brings to light the testimony of U.S. attorney David Phillip Schippers, former Chief Investigative Counsel for the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. Schippers states that he made numerous and urgent attempts to warn Attorney General John Ashcroft of terror attacks planned for lower Manhattan weeks before Sept. 11.

Schippers says his warnings were based on information from U.S. intelligence sources, including FBI agents, but that FBI command killed investigations based upon his information and then threatened agents with prosecution under the National Security Act if they published any information regarding their investigations.

Currently, Schippers is representing an FBI agent in a suit against the U.S. government aimed at allowing the agent to legally speak about the alleged blocked investigations on public record. As with much of the information in The War on Freedom, you'd be hard pressed to find details of this lawsuit elsewhere.

Ahmed writes that Schippers wasn't the only one who knew "something was up" prior to Sept. 11. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Mayor Willie Brown received a phone call from what he described as "airport security" advising him not to travel by air. The London Times reported that novelist Salman Rushdie received a similar warning. The Times went on to state that Rushdie testified that his warning came directly from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Similarly, Ahmed points to a Newsweek report stating that on Sept. 10, 2001, "a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns." Here, Ahmed doesn't even have to ask the question. It asks itself: "If Rushdie, Brown and a group of Pentagon officials were warned, why wasn't everyone else?"

Particularly notable in The War on Freedom is a chapter titled "The Collapse of Standard Operating Procedure on 9-11." One incredibly striking detail is the change in the official story of Air Force procedures. Ahmed details how, on Sept. 13, Joint Chief of Staff Richard Myers stated that no planes were scrambled (i.e., sent up into the air to intercept the hijacked planes) until after the Pentagon was hit. Tim Russert, Ahmed notes, also made this same statement on "Meet the Press" with VP Dick Cheney, and Cheney did not dispute it. Ahmed leads his reader into an examination of FAA flight procedures, which state that the moment a plane deviates from its flight path, the air traffic controllers must attempt to make contact. If no contact can be made, planes are to be scrambled.

Ahmed deduces that, if no planes were scrambled until after the Pentagon was hit, this leaves approximately 95 minutes between the time the first United Airlines flight deviated from flight path and the time planes were scrambled, which would be a blatant violation of protocol. The author describes how, on Sept. 14, this official story changed. Air Force and government officials reneged on their own testimonies, Ahmed writes, telling CBS that a scramble was launched from Otis Air National Guard Base on Cape Cod and that planes were headed to New York by 8:56 a.m. Ahmed takes this official testimony to task with these words: "This story…raises more questions than it answers…F-16s can travel at 1500 mph. If it took the F-16s half an hour to cover 150 miles, they could not have been traveling at more than 300 mph—at 20 percent capacity. Boeing 767s and 757s have cruising speeds of 530 mph. Talk about a lack of urgency!" Ahmed also questions why planes were sent to protect D.C. from Langley Air Force Base, 129 miles from Washington, when, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune and the "authoritative" U.S. military information Web site,, fighters could have been sent from Andrews Air Force Base, only 15 miles from Washington. From this, Ahmed draws the inference that these peculiarities make the Sept. 13 explanation more believable than the Sept. 14 statement. However, Ahmed notes, even in the case of the second explanation, there would still be 24 minutes to account for between the time the first plane deviated from flight path without contact and the time a scramble was issued. According to the author, FAA manuals would note this as a violation of standard operating procedure.

Ahmed goes after the White House with tenacity. He uses a Dick Cheney press conference in which Tim Russert asks Cheney what the most important decision President Bush had to make on Sept. 11 was. Cheney responded, "I suppose the toughest decision was the question of whether or not we would intercept incoming commercial aircraft…We decided to do it." Ahmed pins Cheney down in an uncomfortable position here. Citing FAA regulations, Ahmed notes that hijacked planes are automatically to be intercepted by scramblers if they deviate from flight path and contact can't be made. Thus, Ahmed writes, the decision to intercept aircraft shouldn't have had anything to do with the White House, nor should it have been a "decision." Ahmed concludes that Cheney's statement indicates that the White House, not the FAA, was in control regarding scrambling on Sept. 11, making the White House responsible for standard operating procedure failure. Eerily then, Ahmed pieces together an argument that the White House took the authority to call the shots on Sept. 11 and then didn't actually call any until well after the FAA was required to scramble planes.

And on and on he goes, examining business connections between the Bush and bin Laden families through the Carlyle Group, questioning why it is that the new Afghani Prime Minister is a former paid UNOCAL oil consultant, asking the all-important, yet stomach-turning question, "Who benefited from Sept. 11?" even noting suspicious stock trading in the days leading up to Sept. 11 involving United Airlines and several WTC companies. Ultimately, however, Ahmed does not attempt to argue that his book proves that the White House and the intelligence community are accomplices in the attacks. Rather, Ahmed merely concludes that a full-scale investigation is needed.

As Senator Tom Daschle has agreed to Bush's request of a more "limited" Congressional investigation, The War on Freedom becomes more significant. If nothing else, this book makes me wish for a time machine. If I had one, I would go back to that high school classroom where a young girl said she thought Bush was involved. This time, I wouldn't be so hasty and closed-minded as to dismiss any possibility without thoroughly considering it first.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

THE WAR ON FREEDOM: How and Why America was Attacked by Nafeez M. Ahmed was compiled from hundreds of sources - newspapers, experts and official documents. It is a definitive account of how and why America was attacked.

The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked
by Nafeez M. Ahmed.
Paperback, 400 pages, ISBN 0-930852-40-0.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Related article (commentary): Bush isn't a moron, he's a cunning sociopath

By Bev Conover
Online Journal Editor & Publisher

2) Berlin Declaration - "The war on terrorism does not work."

The Berlin Declaration

The war on terrorism does not work. Every week, there are new reports of bombings and hostage-taking in different parts of the world - Moscow, Bali, Mombasaâ€|..

The war on terrorism cannot work. It cannot work because terrorism is a crime, the expression of a new type of global privatised violence. The word 'war' dignifies the terrorist as an 'enemy' instead of a criminal. It polarises the world between 'us' and 'them', which is just what the terrorists want. It inflicts further violence on innocent people and nurtures the black feelings that lead to terrorism.

We are on the verge of an escalating process of world-wide violence, something akin to the Israel-Palestine conflict on a global scale. This impending cycle of destruction might include the possibility of the use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, further genocidal crimes, unpredictable acts of terrorism, not to mention more US 'preemptive strikes', which will turn out to be counter-productive strikes.

There is no such thing as a just war in our interdependent globalised world. But we need legitimate force to contain privatised violence. So there is still a role for military forces, to enforce international law and to protect people, to do what the police ought to do and cannot.

We call on governments , parliaments , NGO`s and citizens to oppose war and unilateralism and to mobilise in favour of an alternative strategy for combating terrorism. This strategy has to be multilateralist and co-operative and must aim at the construction of a global legal order. It should include:

1) The promotion of human values and norms that should underpin international law. Human rights must be applied in a non-selective way, in Israel as well as Iraq, in Chechnya as well as Afghanistan. There needs to be an authentic dialogue among those who favour democracy so as to find sustainable solutions to the black holes of the world, which breed terrorism in Israel-Palestine, Congo, Sudan, Kashmir, Chechnya, to name some of the most important.

2) The establishment of mechanisms to enforce international law. This International Criminal Court should be established as soon as possible with no exemptions. Human security forces at a European or a global level need to be established especially designed to protect civilians in conflicts and to capture those who commit crimes against them.

3) An increase in resources at a global level to finance a global legal order - to fund the global public goods, like eliminating poverty or tackling the environment as well as global legal and policing institutions, needed to extend a global rule of law.

We do not claim that this strategy can eliminate terrorism. The most, perhaps, that can be done is to contain terrorism, to prevent its spread and escalation. But we do believe that we can no longer preserve democracy and the rule of law only in one part of the world. War will destroy those values that we consider precious. The only hope we have is through the application of those values throughout the world. This is a task for every individual as well as government.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Prof.Ulrich Albrecht, Berlin, Prof Norman Birnbaum ,Washington D.C., Colin Archer, International Peace Bureau, Geneva-London, Erhard Eppler, Bundesminister a.D., Germany , Mient Jan Faber, Interchurch Peace Council, The Hague, Solange Fernex, womens league for peace and freedom, France, Fredereck Heffermehl, peace association Norway , Prof. Mary Kaldor ,London ,David Krieger ,Nuclear Age peace foundation ,Santa Barbara ,USA ,.Eva Quistorp MEP a.D., european women for peace , Berlin-Zürich-Prague-Krakau-Stockholm

10.12.2002 -in honor of the olive tree and the UN Human Rights Charta

-gracias a la vida

.ViS.d.P.Eva Quistorp, M. Jan Faber c/o IKV, The Hague

Please mail your signature for the 10.12. ( but later too ) and interest for cooperation and a meeting in Thessaloniki and Athens 2003, in Barcelona 2004 ( ) to (Berlin declaration signatures)

3) Venezuela-Chavez Update - What's Really Happening
4) TollBells Schedule of Prisoner-Killings

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