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Kissinger of Death * President of Peace 2000 in Prison

29 November 2002

1) The Kissinger of Death for 9/11 Investigation
2) President of Peace 2000 in prison - RSVP

Editor's Notes:

The "news of the weird" is becoming too common place, as Item 1 suggests. The Bush appointment of Henry Kissinger to Chair a 9/11 Investigative Commission would be a good joke on April 1st, but just before Thanksgiving Day, this appointment adds insult to injury and provides more terrorism in the mix of lost American freedoms and world chaos.

Item 2 is about the arrest of Thor Magnusson, who is president for Peace 2000 Institute for making comments on Iceland's new policy with NATO that adds more targets for terrorism. He requests your support via an email! Please respond.

Monday, December 2nd is the first anniversary of my friend "Woody" Robert Woodward's slaying by police while seeking sanctuary in a Church. News and links on this can be found from the Flyby News homepage. [ ] Also, see our actions and campaigns listings and links to add your voice to stop the execution of Desmond Carter on this coming international day for human rights, December 10. Your actions can save a life and send a message of light and compassion for humanity during these darkening times.

Many thanks for reading, thinking, and taking action!

1) The Kissinger of Death for 9/11 Investigation

-- Catherine Austin Fitts

The Kissinger Bombshell
An Open Letter to 9/11 Skeptics and Doubters
by Jack Riddler (written in astonishment)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

our lord and emperor George W. Bush has just tied together the entire ball of 9/11 lies and related wax, stuck a wick in it, and handed us the match. He has done so by appointing Henry Kissinger chairman of the long-awaited "independent" commission to investigate the Sept. 11 attacks.

To all those who want the unvarnished truth about the "Attack on America," starting with the families of the victims, this would have been a slap in the face - were it not so laughable.

Sequel to the Warren Commission

The resident of the White House was explicit in stating that the commission is not supposed to actually investigate anything about 9/11. Wrote the Associated Press, "Bush did not set as a primary goal for Kissinger to uncover mistakes or lapses of the government that could have prevented the Sept. 11 attacks."

So what is Henry supposed to actually do? "Instead, [Bush] said the panel should try to help the administration learn the tactics and motives of the enemy."

Aha. In other words, the panel is supposed to produce more scary stories about what the freedom-hating evildoers are planning to do to us next. Sounds like overkill: Isn't that what every department of the administration is already doing?

The Kissinger commission is being called to life nearly 15 months after the attacks. The White House refused to sign off on the investigative body, until Congress agreed to its conditions. The panel can issue subpoenas only if the Republican members agree. In the polite words of Stephen Push, a leader of the 9/11 families ("Families of September 11" - , the commission concept is simply "too weak."

So far, no surprise. For fifteen months, Bush and Cheney have repeatedly acted to delay the calling of an independent 9/11 investigation. They have tried to stop the release of any information about the attacks - let alone about their level of prior knowledge! And they have otherwise established the most secretive administration in modern American history.

But Henry Kissinger? Now that is a surprise!

Who could have imagined that the Bush regime would so obviously expose themselves to ridicule by appointing one of the world's best-known war criminals, terrorist masterminds, and professional liars as the head of a New Warren Commission?

Highlights of Dr. Kissinger's Career

Kissinger's name seems to be magically entwined with the date of Sept. 11th. As national security adviser and secretary of state in the Nixon administration, he helped engineer the CIA coup that overthrew the elected government of Chile, on Sept. 11, 1973. For a detailed account of that atrocity - the original Sept. 11th attack - see:

In a famous comment on Chile at a 1970 White House meeting, Kissinger made no secret of his utter contempt for democratic government: "I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people," he said.

Now everyone remembers where they were on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, though we know precious little about how and why the horrible crimes of that day were allowed to happen. But who knows that on the same morning, a federal suit was being filed against Dr. Kissinger by relatives of one of his countless victims?

"Family of Slain Chilean Sues Kissinger, Helms - Military Leader Was Killed in Kidnap Attempt Linked to Nixon Administration"
By Bill Miller, Washington Post, September 11, 2001

As a direct result of the Pinochet coup, at least 3,000 Chilean civilians were "disappeared" and assassinated. As horrible as that was, Kissinger has been involved in even worse crimes.

As Nixon's national security adviser, Kissinger helped plan the "secret" bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed in this unprovoked action against a neutral state. The bombing destabilized the U.S.-backed Cambodian government, paving the way for the later takeover of that country by the Khmer Rouge.

But hey, let's not let mass murder detract from the man's achievements. In 1973, Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize for reaching a deal to end the U.S. invasion of Vietnam.

The Nixon government had at first refused the Paris peace deal with North Vietnam. Instead, it chose to level Hanoi in a massive Christmas 1972 bombing, leaving nothing there but dust. A few months later, Nixon and Kissinger accepted the same deal, with minor changes. Now that's how you win a peace prize!

Kissinger was the only major cabinet member who miraculously survived the subsequent fall of the Nixon regime. He remained Secretary of State under the appointed Unpresident, Gerald Ford. (Ford was the first "president" to not have even run in a presidential election, so there was no need to actually steal it.)

Okay, class. Anyone remember who the other key players in the 2-1/2 year Ford administration were?

Vice President: Nelson Rockefeller, brother of David.
Chief of Staff: Dick Cheney.
Secretary of Defense: Donald Rumsfeld.
Director of Central Intelligence: George Herbert Walker Bush.
Hmmm... Papa Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger. Sound familiar? Today, the same four men run the regime of the Idiot Prince.

Now *there* is a story for the historians of the future! Papa Bush apparently cut some nice deals with his CIA boys at the time, and in gratitude the agency later named its new headquarters the "George Herbert Walker Bush Building." We'll leave the rest of the Papa Bush story aside for today, though it may surpass even Kissinger's for sheer criminality. Today is Henry's day.

In 1973, while still with the Nixon administration, Kissinger became one of the founding fathers of the Trilateral Commission, together with Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, brother of Nelson. This association of billionaires, business leaders, academics and politicians was brought together by the three men in an effort to arm the global elites of the U.S., Europe and Japan against what at the time seemed like an unprecedented social and economic crisis. The Trilateral Commission has continued to meet annually ever since.

In 1975, Kissinger traveled with Ford to Indonesia, where they met with the U.S.-backed and U.S.-armed dictator Suharto, who oversaw the killing of millions during his 35-year reign. The day after Ford and Henry left, Indonesian forces invaded the independent territory of East Timor. One-third of the territory's population was exterminated during the subsequent 20-year occupation, but this had little impact on continuing American and Western arms shipments to the regime in Jakarta. Recently released documents establish that Suharto received a green light for the invasion from the president and secretary of state.

The 9/11 panel will not be the first "Kissinger Commission." In the early 1980s, under the Reagan-Bush administration, Henry was called to lead an investigation of U.S. policy in Central America. They provided the whitewash for the death squads that U.S. forces had armed and trained in El Salvador and Honduras, and for the "Contra" army that was organized by the CIA to invade Nicaragua.

Since then, the doctor has lived more quietly as the head of Kissinger Associates, which provides "consultancy" (door-opening) for oil and arms deals and much else besides, and which counts among its clients the U.S. government, NATO, many corporations, and foreign countries like China and Central Asia.

French prosecutors paid a surprise visit to Kissinger's Paris hotel suite in 2001, questioning him with regard to the war crimes charges that they would have been required to level under French law. They let him go his way, but henceforth, Henry will have to be a touch more discreet when strolling along the banks of the Seine.

2001 saw the publication of Christopher Hitchens's book, "The Trial of Henry Kissinger." Released in 2002, an eponymous documentary details the man's horrific and astonishing crimes. Couldn't Bush have found anyone less conspicuous, or less farcical, to wash his dirty laundry? One can only conclude that this was the only man the White House knew they could trust. If you want to cover something up, better pick someone with tons of his own dirt to hide.

Kissinger's appointment is an act of tremendous hubris - or else of absolute desperation. Is the official story of the 9/11 attacks really so wobbly that the regime must resort to hiring him?

He brought death squads to Chile in 1973. He covered up death squads in Central America in the 1980s. And now should we expect him to tell us the full story of how the CIA helped create Osama Binladin's death squads? Is this guy who is going to explore why the Air Force was stood down, or why and how so many FBI agents were blocked from investigating reports that terror pilots had infiltrated the United States? Or is Kissinger going to tell us why George W. Bush killed the FBI investigations into the binladin family's connections to terrorism in early 2001?

Seriously. We can really have a field day with this.

But dangers lurk. Kissinger's appointment is the latest signal of an absolute and open intent to play HARDBALL. Let us all beware what sudden "surprises" are in store during the next days and months. Kissinger features prominently within the "Defense Policy Board" run by Paul Wolfowitz at the Pentagon, which also includes veteran warheads Richard Perle and Newt Gingrich. These men, termed the "Wolfowitz Cabal" by no less a personage than Colin Powell, are the Supreme Chickenhawks of the War Party. For years they have individually and collectively called for the (further) destruction of Iraq and, depending on their mood, preemptive war with Iran, Syria, North Korea - you name it. At a meeting earlier this year, they declared Saudi Arabia the real enemy, and considered the option of taking out the Saudis right after the planned war in Iraq. The powerpoint presentation viewed by the group on that day concluded with the following grand strategy for the upcoming war: "Iraq is the tactical pivot, Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot, Egypt the prize."

On Sept. 11, 2001, as though that day was not bad enough for all of us, Kissinger, who was in Berlin, called in to CNN during the attacks. He basically argued that the attacks fully justified any American response whatsoever. The next day, he wrote that the U.S. had every right to destroy states that "harbor people who have the capability to do something like this," emphasizing that it made no difference whether these states actually had anything to do with the Sept. 11 attacks or not.

So watch out for sudden revelations about the alleged 9/11 hijackers that "prove" both Saudi Arabia and Iraq (or any other country) must immediately be crushed. The groundwork for such an attack, should the regime decide to go with it, has been prepared during the last weeks with the sudden "discovery" of Saudi financing of terrorism - something that never bothered the Bushes before 9/11, of course.

May fortune and God only give us enough time to work on this, and we the people will peacefully bring down this regime. Appointing Kissinger could turn out to be their greatest blunder. Perhaps it will finally awaken the antiwar movement to the continuing importance of learning the full truth of 9/11. No doubt many of the antiwar organizers can well remember the early 1970s, when their protests against the Vietnam War were directed at none other than: Henry Kissinger. Why has he of all people been given the 9/11 job?

We need to gather everything known about this man and throw it hard and wide, until the whole sham of the investigation is exposed. If we are given enough time, and still fail to bring this house of lies crashing down, it will have been our own fault.

Strength and best wishes to you all,

"Jack Riddler"

See: Christopher Hitchens, "The Case Against Henry Kissinger," Harper's, June-July 2001, also available as a book.


See for a listing of many 9/11 Skeptic sites, with reviews.

9/11 Books:

Nafeez Ahmed, "The War On Freedom"
Michel Chossudovsky, "War and Globalisation"
Richard Labeviere, "Dollars for Terror"
Dasquie & Brisard, "The Forbidden Truth"
"Police State America," ed. Tom Burghardt (By Frank Morales, Doug Valentine et al.)
Greg Palast, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"
Eric Hufschmid, "Painful Questions"

-Michael Ruppert, "The Truth and Lies of Sept. 11" (
-Daniel Hopsicker, "Mohamed Atta and The Venice Flying Circus" (
-Sterling of Global Free Press, "Wat Tyler's Revenge" (
-Alex Jones, "9-11 - THE ROAD TO TYRANNY" (
-Unanswered Questions and GNN, "Aftermath" (

"It's the votes that count in a democracy. If the votes don't count, it's not a democracy."

-- Greg Palast

The above quote is from an interview with the Guerilla News Network:
"Bush Racial Coup D'Etat and Intel Shutdown"

For the NY Times article: "Kissinger to Lead 911 Inquiry, see:

The above link and following remarks, via Globenet listserve:

Peals of hysterical, maniacal laughter could be heard echoing around the globe from Santiago, Chile to Dili, East Timor, and from Luanda, Angola, to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as, speaking to reporters outside the White House, Dr. Kissinger pledged to "get all the facts." Speaking from his family mansion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden said, "I think it is very funny; praise to Allah for sending us this joke to ease our souls with merriment in this time of trouble" adding, "Happy Thanksgiving, American turkeys."

2) President of Peace 2000 in prison - RSVP

>At 0919 AM 11/29/2002 -0500, you wrote

Dear friends,

I need your urgent help and attention. Please read this message carefully.

Last Friday Icelandic Prime Minister Mr. David Oddsson and Foreign Minister Mr. Halldor Asgrimsson surprised and shocked most of our formerly peaceful nation with an announcement from the NATO meeting in Prague, that Iceland is no longer a by-stander in military actions and that an agreement has been made with two Icelandic public transport airlines, Icelandair and Atlanta, to use their passenger aircraft for transportation of NATO weapons and soldiers. We have never had a military following a peace meeting by the Vikings at our Althing in the year 1000! But our misguided Prime Minister Mr. Oddsson said this new policy of his government is to "strengthen the military might of the NATO alliance" and to "fly troops and military equipment to war areas and that the Icelandic government would pay for it". The news indicated the first flight operation using Icelandic passenger aircraft for the transportation of weapons and troops may be as soon as with an upcoming war with Iraq that the Prime Minister expects that NATO and his government will support.

I issued a warning immediately on Friday that any agreement linking the use of passenger aircraft with NATO or with the transportation of weapons and troops will compromise the security of those aircraft - also when conducting normal passenger flights.

Within hours of my warning Friday I was arrested by the Icelandic Police. I was taken from a restaurant down town by secret police that was in no uniform into an unmarked car. They refused to let my fiancee and the other people I was with in the restaurant know that I was being arrested. A man simply asked me to come with him outside for a moment, and there he arrested me. They could have ditched [me] anywhere and nobody would have known!!! I was thrown into jail and kept there for several days in complete isolation. The first night I was kept in a cell without any toilet and had to do my things on the floor!!! Only when the High Court heard an appeal the Police released me.

But it does not seem to be the end! News report last night said that the police was looking at another letter I sent to the directors of the airlines yesterday, and that today they will make a decision for further action. Our lawyer suggested I sleep the night in hiding somewhere.

People have been phoning us constantly - everyone is shocked. Lawyers say that the arrest has no foundation in law. Our best-known human rights lawyer, Mr. Ragnar Adalsteinsson took it up by himself to speak out in shock over this on TV while I was in the prison. He tells me the law professors at the Reykjavik University are also shocked. EkstraBladet, a major newspaper in Denmark, said that the imprisonment of the leader of Peace 2000, former Icelandic Presidential Candidate Thor Magnusson was an obvious action to "shut the mouth of the opposition".

A man called me last night and told me that he has knowledge that my arrest was decided in the Prime Ministers office building. Politicians are not supposed to have any influence on the police here, but this seems to be changing now.

The police raided the Peace 2000 offices and my home in the middle of the night and confiscated computers. They have refused to return the computers and are keeping all member databases and contact lists. Earlier this year, when the President of China visited Iceland, the Icelandic police worked with a "black list" of Falun Gong practitioners that wanted to do a peaceful demonstration against Human Rights abuses in China. On instructions from the government of China as it seems, they arrested whole groups of Falun Gong tourists upon arrival in the country and kept them in a detention centre. The Icelandic police also got the airlines to cooperate and give access to reservation lists to refuse boarding in foreign airports if their name was found on the black list from China. We fear that they have now started to create a black lists of the Peace 2000 members and that this may be used in a similar way as with the Falun Gong black list.

We have written to the directors of both airlines. We have asked them to increase security immediately and to terminate said armaments transport agreement forthwith. In our opinion, while any such agreements are in place, these aircraft are at increased risk as they seem in that situation to fall exactly within the description of targets by terrorist groups. It is clear that my warning and calling for extra security last Friday was valid. While I was being detained in prison, the UK Observer newspaper printed a new letter from Osama Bin Laden where he calls for terrorist attacks against civilian targets. Yesterday there was an attempt to shoot down an Israeli passenger aircraft.

Many fear that the Icelandic government ministers have become so corrupt that they may try to use the police again today to send me back to prison in an attempt to stop me talking about this.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Please protest my arrest by immediate email and ask all your contact lists to do same. In Icelandic my name is written: Astthor Magnusson. Please also demand that the Peace 2000 computers and data are returned immediately. We've created a mailing list that will distribute your message automatically to all Icelandic Members of Parliament, Civil Servants, the Airlines and to the Icelandic Media. The automatic listserver to protest is:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Please send your protest to - (There is no editing, it will be distributed immediately to Members of Parliament, Civil Servants and the Media in Iceland). I repeat the email address to send protest to is

Please also send a copy, in case the government tries to shut us down:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Please alert your media contacts.

- - - - - -
If I am still walking free later today, I will send you an update if we receive the information requested from the airlines. We can then more clearly determine if there is need for a follow up alert. Atlanta calls themselves the airline for the airlines as they are one of the worlds largest contract airline and fly under the banners of several internationally known carriers.

Yours truly

Thor Magnusson

Peace 2000 Institute
Telephone+354 557 1000
Fax+354 552 2000

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