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Voter Fraud 2002: Death Stalks America's Democracy

Posted 16 November 2002 - Received via email by John Kaminski

Voter Fraud 2002: Death Stalks America's Democracy

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything."
--Joseph Stalin

Compiled and edited by WARREN GAMMEL

It's all here, perhaps providing too much to read in one day. I suggest that you get a cup of coffee and start out by reading Votescam. Votescam furnishes the blueprint upon which everything else is essentially built. You may want to save this compilation for future reference and, possibly, to send it out to everyone!

It seems safe to say that any credibility imagined for the Midterm Elections is non-existent. There have been too many mistakes, too many malfunctions, too many missing documents, too many dirty tricks. Certainly the sudden abandonment of the Voter News Service exit polls suggests that actual polling results were so far out of alignment with the desired results that the media predictions had to be shut down.

"The concept is clear, simple, and it works. Computerized voting gives the power of selection, without fear of discovery, to whomever controls the computer"

-- James & Kenneth Collier, authors of VoteScam (1992)


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It is now effectively illegal for citizens in 49 states to count their own votes on election day.

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Republicans dominate the voting machine business:

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A statewide recount in Alabama's gubernatorial election demanded by Democratic Governor Siegelman gave victory to his Republican challenger:

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Kansas provisional ballots caused problems

South Carolina's voting equipment creates difficulties

Nebraska's election fiasco

New Jersey's tally delayed by computer problems,0,808514.story?coll=ny-ap-regionalwire

Massive Polling Fraud in Florida

Michigan ballot shortages and polling problems

San Francisco ballot shortages

Proprietary software makes inspection of electronic voting systems impossible

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High-tech voting system working fine "Go back to sleep, citizen. Nothing to see here!"

"I'll tell you right now, this election is fixed!"

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Chip Glitch hands victory to wrong party. Guess which party?

Great Bartcop article on Voting Machine Fraud, Execs GOP contributions

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There's only one reason the exit poll has been scrapped.

Voting Problems In Orlando, South Florida

Voting Machines' Maker Blamed

Manufacturers Admit Voting Machines Unreliable

The Nightmare Scenario

Voting into the void

How VNS helped to rig Nov. 5 Election for GOP

Why did VNS bow out the morning of the election?

Voter News Service Meltdown - Washington Post article

Voter News Service (VNS) is a top-secret private consortium owned by ABC News, The Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News. It's current headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York. It's been around (under different names) since 1964. It's the only company whose exit poll results are used by the news media to announce the "projected" winners in races for the president, U.S. House and Senate, state governors, and select races. With the use of computerized vote counters and the news networks exclusive control over polling data in major elections, the gates to election fraud were wide open. Computerized voting machines have now made election fraud as easy as stealing candy from a baby... If VNS is helping to rig elections, why are they doing it? Generally speaking... I believe that the same people who can't rake in enough money, also can't get enough power. The news networks are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the richest corporations and individuals in the world. They certainly have an agenda. Their arrogance and disregard for the little guy is clear. They may think that we're not smart enough to pick the 'right' kind of leaders... right for them, that is. So they might try to do it for us. Voter News Service warrants an investigation. Its operations should be shut down regardless. It's in a perfect position to sabotage the election process. Let the counties count the vote and report it to the states. If it takes a day or two for the states to report the results... so be it. Democracy takes time.

VNS got into a lot of trouble for correctly calling Florida for Gore after exit polls showed him winning by a comfortable margin. After that 'debacle' they were forced to completely re-design their computer hardware and software. They were my client, and ran on a large IBM mainframe with legacy software. They were forced to get off the mainframe and on to a completely different hardware and software platform. Everything had to be built from scratch. Supposedly, they didn't have time to fully test the new environment thoroughly far enough ahead of this election cycle. Therefore, they chose to use this election to test the new environment, but not publicly release the results. Why does VNS think their "Gore wins" Florida 2000 projection was wrong? Bush guaranteed he would win Florida, even after VNS said he lost it. Why is nobody else suspicious?

Why did Voter News Service bow out the morning of the election?

More Magic: winning vote totals uncanny

VNS - CIA link?

Battelle was also under investigation during the search for the anthrax killer

Rothschilds are part owners of voting machines

Think the November 5, 2002 U.S. General Election went smoothly?

Networks to Examine Future of Voter News Service

Following the Anthrax Trail

Zogby International: Whatz New?

Latest Republican Voter Scams Exposed by Broward Poll Worker

Democrat Raised Funds for the GOP

Did God tell them to steal the votes?

The above was unedited and received via John Kaminski.

This following via Jodi is solution-proposal from another list serve..


Involve every voter in checking establishment vote theft.

Here is a simple proposal to enable the masses of voters individually to protect the integrity of their vote, and to make sure that the elected candidates are the ones who get custody over the office for which they ran. Please reply to with critiques and suggestions toward more closely perfecting the schema suggested herein.

This is a response to indications that big-money is fixing elections, and converting them into a series of fraudulent mini-coups, which add up to hijacking governance. The hijacking of governance in thepolitical sphere leads to a conceptual frame of reference in which our very minds end up disoriented and to a degree, controlled.

Computers can be used to create intangible, untraceable, unverifiable and consequently unauditable votes, and the computers can be programmed to bias or completely predetermine the outcome, in vast disregard for the will of the voters. But computers can also be used to make election cheating and vote stealing more difficult.

If polling places were computerized, each voter would be able to submit votes on a computerized ballot. Upon voting, each individual can be assigned a random number by a statewide online hookup. This number would be known only to the individual voter, since the computer generating the number does not know which individual is voting. The number should not be confused with a permanent ID number. It would be assigned for the particular day only. Thus secrecy of ballot and privacy would be preserved.

On finalizing the ballot, the individual would be issued a printed receipt, indicating exactly for whom and for what the individual voted. The receipt would be in duplicate. One copy the voter would keep, and the other would be sealed in an envelope and deposited with the officials at the polling place. The envelope would prevent anyone from seeing the assigned number and associating it with the signed-in registered voter.

The day after Election Day, a listing of each individual ballot would be published online and in local newspapers, with the assigned number and the individual's choices, along with totals for each election district. The voter would then be able to verify that his or her individual vote was accurately recorded, but would not be able to identify anyone else's vote, since the assigned number would be known only to the individual voter.

If his or her choices were not accurately reported, the individual voter would know instantly, and would have the receit as evidence for a challenge. The individual's receipt would be corroborated by the computer results and the duplicate handed in at the polling place.

Of course, independent poll watchers from each candidate, party or referendum position, would still function as at present, to assist voters and safeguard against irregularities. They would be required to observe and reconcile the identity and registration of each voter signing in, and keep track of the overall total reporting. They would oversee the custody of the envelopes containing the duplicates. They would verify the initialization of the computer totals to zero at the opening of the polls and to independently record the totals at the closing of the polls, and certify agreement. The figures would have to reconcile with each other and corroborate with the machine totals.

No system is foolproof, or can prevent any and all cheating. But it would be much more difficult if the millions of individual voters were directly empowered to police the integrity of their own votes. Of course, the above-suggested approach is only meant to make allow the voters to keep the elections more honest. The general context in which Big Money and Big Media, along with the police and the courts, still unfairly influence, manipulate and spin or misinterpret the significance of election outcomes, and pressure office holders after the election. But there are so many working class and middle class people, up against such a handful of superrich. Therefore, mere money spent and the power applied still cannot consstently guarantee a custom-made majority or plurality for the elite's favored issues ("Gore Got More" votes, for example), which is why they have to resort to cheating or an occasional outright coup d'etat. Increasingly, they have to be checked, until they can be checkmated.

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