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War on Freedom * Whale Beachings * P&J Rally for McKinney

30 July 2002

1) The War on Freedom
2) Massive Worldwide Whale Beachings
3) Peace and Justice Forces Rally to McKinney


1) The War on Freedom

"Democracies demand transparency; dictatorships demand deception."

The War on Freedom-
How and Why America was Attacked September 11, 2001
by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
reviewed by Carol Brouillet

This book, on many levels, is a miracle, not unlike the mysterious process of Birth, and revives our collective aspirations for Hope, Peace, Justice, Joy and Life to prevail against those in power who scream for War. Piercing the smoke and mirrors of propaganda, misinformation, the largest psychological "Special Operation" ever pulled on humanity, the book calmly, carefully, meticulously examines the facts, the evidence of the crime of the century, and documents the clear need for a real, open, public inquiry of 9-11.

Much of the C.I.A.'s budget is devoted to controlling the public mind, for there is no greater threat, today, to the powers that be, than an informed American public. Enormous resources have been squandered to distract, mislead, deflect, frighten attention from a deep understanding of the events of September 11th, what actually happened, why it happened, who has benefited, and who is paying the price. Outside the U.S., the veil is perhaps easier to see through, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed has the advantage of distance, living in England. He also has drawn from his work on the history and development of the conflict in Afghanistan, and the rich insights of others, freely scattered across the Internet, to pull together a clear, coherent understanding of the geopolitics of a war that had been planned for many, many years.

He lays bare the hypocrisy and deception of the U.S.'s policy in Afghanistan, from luring the Russians into the "Afghan trap" to propelling the Taliban into power, to the installation of a "foothold in Central Asia" from which new geo-political alliances have emerged, as well as an "interim government," friendly to multi-national oil interests.

Under the deluge of theories and facts about 9-11, Ahmed focuses on the key issues- the evolution of the Afghan crisis since before the Soviet invasion, the strategic design behind the U.S. war plans, foreknowledge of "the terrorist attacks," the collapse of Standard Operating Procedures on 9-11, the American ties with Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the Saudi Connection, the U.S. Pakistani Alliance, and the I.S.I. (Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence), the "New War;"- Power and Profit, at Home and Abroad.

Ahmed's evidence and analysis are very compelling -- the U.S.'s role in creating Al Qaeda, how the U.S. funds, trains, supports Al Qaeda (and terrorism) where convenient, and uses them as an excuse for military intervention in other regions (when convenient), the blatant elevation of the "security interests of multi-national oil interests" above the interests of humans living in the U.S. or other countries, the financial links between the Bush family and the Bin Laden family, and the ISI Director-General Mahmoud Ahmed's role in last September's drama.

Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad was in the U.S. meeting with top U.S. officials before and during the attacks. At the urging of the U.S., he was later sent to Afghanistan to "demand that the Taliban hand over Bin Laden without conditions or face certain war." When it was revealed that Mahmoud Ahmad had ordered his aide, Ahmad Umar Sheikh, to wire $100,000. to "WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta" from Pakistan, and confirmed by the F.B.I., the U.S. sought ISI Director-General Mahmoud Ahmed's removal from his position, but did not investigate or, in any way, try to hold him responsible for his role in the attacks.

Last winter, our awareness of this information, prompted many of us, peace and human rights activists, to march on our senators and congresswoman to demand a Congressional Inquiry of 9-11, and to get out in the streets, to demonstrate, raise these issues publicly, and to expose the fraudulent nature of the "War." I spoke to television reporters, journalists, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, Norman Solomon who doubted "the credibility of my information and analysis." Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, has done what I have not found time to do, patiently document the evidence, compile multiple references from many different sources, including the Congressional Records, analyze it in a dispassionate way, allowing readers to make their own judgements. From his examination of what he believes to be the key facts, he concludes that-

"The virtually unhindered expansion of the American Empire is simultaneously and systemically eroding the very values that America claims to stand for. Throughout the West and beyond, civil liberties, basic freedoms and human rights are being curtailed in the name of fighting terrorism, while military interventions with nuclear implications are being planned to pursue brute strategic and economic interests, at the expense of indigenous populations--- and for the benefit of corporate elites. Under U.S. leadership, it seems that the entire world is moving towards a situation of global apartheid governed by the Western-based international institutions of what is fast becoming a global police state, administered by the powerful for their own profit."

He dedicates the book to the innocent civilians murdered in the terrorist attacks on September 11th, their families, their friends, and to all the other victims of terrorism around the world, including those killed, injured and starving in Afghanistan. By understanding the role of the state in creating "terrorists" and "terrorist attacks" to further their interests and the interests of multinational corporations, we are in a better position to stop "terrorism" at its roots.

In the lengthy Afterward, publisher John Leonard, takes a broader historical look at the "deceptions" perpetuated by governments to justify their wars, and at the more controversial areas of inquiry into what actually happened. Leonard makes a good case that the "War on Terrorism" should be recognized as a "War of Terrorism." The War on Terrorism needs to be redefined; the big lie needs to be countered by the simple truth.

The clash of "civilizations" is a "smokescreen" for a clash of "worldviews." There are those who believe in Bush, capitalism, the integrity of corporations and their ordained right to govern the world they own, the evil of any who "oppose them," and then there are those who believe in- the goodness of humanity, human rights, freedom, peace, justice, the interdependence of humanity with the web of Life. Will the forces of "Fear and Greed" triumph over the desire for "Peace, Life, Freedom?" We are all part of the public mind; will we allow it to obscure Truth, embrace Denial, be frightened into Obedience? Or can we play our part to further the cause of Truth, Peace, Justice, Freedom by helping to raise consciousness on the most critical issues of our time. Will we hold those in power accountable for their actions, and their crimes against humanity? Process must match purpose; democracies demand transparency; dictatorships demand deception. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed and John Leonard have given us an invaluable tool to cast light upon the darkest secrets of our time, in this powerful book- The War on Freedom, now it is up to us, to get out the message to the world, especially to the people of the United States and the legislators who are supposed to serve them.

The War on Freedom-
How and Why America was Attacked September 11, 2001
by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
reviewed by Carol Brouillet


2) Massive Worldwide Whale Beachings

The following was sent to a Stop LFAS Worldwide Network:

This message will read like an itinerary because there's quite a lot going on and I don't want to ignore a detail which might later prove to be important. Throughout yesterday evening I was receiving calls and emails regarding yesterday's whale strandings. Thanks go out to those of you who contacted me and took the time to offer everyone a greater glimpse as to what's going on. Certainly, I am sure that some of you who are involved in large and well sponsored environmental organizations have been kept busy with these events.

First, let's begin with the ironic twist of the day. While multiple whale strandings were occurring, the NRDC was in Federal Court doing it's best to stop LWAD. (How about that for a dramatic backdrop? ) "The NRDC is demanding that the testing program -- known as "LWAD," short for Littoral Warfare Advanced Development -- be stopped until a full-blown environmental review can be done, and environmental guidelines for LWAD can be set. The government is arguing, in turn, that it already is taking extraordinary measures to protect marine life, and that the NRDC's case should be dismissed.",1283,54077,00.html

And of course, there is a second irony which revolves around last week's decision by National Marine Fisheries Service to approve the US Navy's permit to kill marine life with SURTASS LFA Sonar. Because of that decision, I've been receiving a great many speculative remarks about the likelihood that the whales could be stranding due to a sonar incident. However, at this point, we have no knowledge of any such sonar events or deployments. We do have multiple strandings all kicking-in around the same time. (Don't let the international dateline confuse the point... they all hit ground around roughly the same time.)

The following stranding incidents have been reported in the news:
1. Monday - July 29, 2002
A Beaked whale was found dead off Faial and was taken to the University of Azores in Horta for Necropsy....probably a Sowerbys
2. Monday - July 29, 2002
DENNIS, Mass. (AP) - More than 50 pilot whales beached themselves on a stretch of Cape Cod sand Monday and nine of them died before vacationers and other volunteers could push the animals back out to deeper water in a feverish rescue effort. While pilot whale strandings are not considered to be rare, the event coincides with other ill-reported incidents of US Navy exercises which included bombings north of Cape Cod earlier this summer & coincides with the discovery of a blown-to-bits baby right whale there as well as the recent stranding on Nantucket of a Sperm whale.
3. Tuesday - July 30, 2002
SYDNEY - A pod of 54 whales died after washing up on a remote stretch of beach near the Great Australian Bight, conservation officials said. Western Australian Conservations and Land Management (CALM) workers said they feared the carcasses - weighing up to five tonnes each -would be devoured by sharks before a mass grave could be dug along Tooregullup Beach, on the Indian Ocean southeast of Perth. These were False Killer Whales which are found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters. They favour deep water but occasionally come close to the beach.
4. Tuesday - July 30. 2002
EASTHAM, Mass. About 40 pilot whales became stranded on a Cape Cod beach Tuesday, just one day after volunteers pushed them back out to sea from another beach. The development is "pretty bad news" and may be a sign the whales are dying, an expert said. The small black whales, which had been tagged on Monday before being freed from Chapin Beach in Dennis, were found stuck in shallow water Tuesday morning about 25 miles to the east.
5. Tuesday - July 30, 2002
The Nando Times has a map of the area where the strandings occurred on both Monday and Tuesday on Cape Cod.

The Washington Post has an aerial photo of the rescuers trying to work with the whales. I'm sure it was very thoughtful of the press to totally freak out the whales with their helicopter.

CNN is running the story of the second day of strandings on Cape Cod with even more aerial photographs.

Additionally, the story is running in these news sources:

Massachusetts Whales Stranded Again, Likely to Die - Reuters

Rescued Pilot Whales Trapped Again - Discovery Channel\,1282,-1915811,00.html
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 13:00:44 -0700 Subject: [stoplfas] LFA comments as sent from a Contributor

The author's name of this following commentary wanted to kept anonymous.

Regardless of what we might wish to see in the following article, the Navy has basically weaseled into position for carte blanc operation of LFAS. They no longer have to sneak. They are no longer in "test mode". They no longer have to keep the duration brief. They no longer have to keep the volume down. For FIVE YEARS. You mentioned checking the proximity of the squid event to the Cape Cod whale event. This may not matter. You have already seen what this thing can do in "test mode" from a single transmitter at low power. Now the leash is off. There is nothing to stop them from running LFAS at inconceivable volume from a global network of transmitters already in place.

Back in a grade school, a semi tractor once parked outside my classroom with its diesel engine idling. The idle speed was particularly slow and the truck emitted a peculiar subsonic vibration, concentrated within the structure of the school building, the classroom, whatever, which produced rising discomfort, dissociation, and irritability throughout the class. Everyone became more and more upset, angry, and panicked. My bodily functions seemed to be working just fine yet, just to point out the effect on my breathing, it felt as if someone else was breathing, or as if the air I was taking in had no effect. It was nearly impossible to think. The teacher was beginning to lose his battle to suppress the strangeness, so it was especially difficult to convince him to get someone to move that truck.

Once it was moved, the symptoms vanished. This single source was likely oscillating at around 15-20 Hz, at very LOW volume, and through the air. LFAS operates near the 7 Hz "frequency of death" (which in itself can be fatal even at very low volume -- reference Gavreau's research), at a volume similar to a 747 at full thrust, through dense water, from multiple sources. It is a sound which penetrates where most manmade noises do not. I seriously believe they know not what they do. Given the superior acoustic conductivity of water, and ignoring the added effects of salinity and super compression in the deep, and given the harmonics which can develop from the persistent application of the correct stimulus, killing every living thing in the ocean may only be the beginning.

I have read that the walls of Jericho did not break upon the first blast of the trumpets. While you are unlikely to shatter a crystal wine glass by singing, you can certainly do so with the correct pure tone. The crystal doesn't shatter immediately -- you have to wait a bit for the harmonics to build. LFAS operates at frequencies akin to those of earthquakes; and it does so in a medium which is intimately bound, like no other, to the Earth's crust. Now THAT is what I call "national security".

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Flyby Notes: Most of the mainstream commentaries have made no mention of the recent pro-LFAS ruling, nor of this sonar's history of causing disorientation and harm to whales. This raises suspicion. If you choose to lobby on the disclosure for this issue, please consider demanding a medical autopsy by those from the Woods Hole Institute, to examine if any hemorrhaging can be detected, as in other whale Beachings from the harm of the Navy's use of low frequency active sonar. Since they plan to use it in 80% of the oceans, and simultaneous beachings were reported, suspicions remain strong.

You can reach your US Congressional representative via 202-224-3121, and other contact information can be found at

For more on LFAS reported in Flyby News, see:,37113,m


3) Peace and Justice Forces Rally to McKinney

Peace and Justice Forces Rally to McKinney
[via, 20 Jul 2002]

Peace and Justice Forces Rally to McKinney
By Frances M. Beal

AIPAC, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee is tasting blood with the defeat of Earl Hilliard in Alabama. The U.S. Congressman had enraged the Zionist lobbying group by often voting against legislation that one-sidedly favored Israel and introducing a bill to drop sanctions against Libya and Iraq.

AIPAC is now aiming its big financial and political fangs at Cynthia McKinney from Georgia's 4th congressional district. She faces a primary runoff on August 20th, which for all intents and purposes, determines the general election with an overwhelmingly Democrat constituency. Her stance on a balanced Mid East policy and her outspoken criticism of the Israeli occupation army has enraged AIPAC and it has arranged for hundreds of thousands of dollars to be poured into her opponent's campaign coffers.

McKinney's Black female opponent is a former Judge who was appointed by Sen. Zell Miller, a Georgia democrat who initially appointed this Jonetta come lately to the bench. He has joined the AIPAC chorus with an unprecedented assault on Democratic Party colleague McKinney. Thus, AIPAC is joined in this all-sided assault by the local and national apparatus of the Democratic Party because of McKinney's views on peace, human rights and civil liberties.

The question posed sharply is whether progressives will permit AIPAC and the Dixiecrats to foist Israeli policy on voters as the defining issue for the mainly Black district in the Atlanta suburb McKinney represents. More importantly, will they tolerate AIPAC to further subvert 37 years of struggle to implement the 1965 Voting Rights Act by its use of the discriminatory campaign financing laws to oust an African American woman whose outstanding performance on a peace and justice agenda has earned her the hatred of the racists and the war mongers.

Months of slanderous assaults have been directed at this first African American congresswoman from Georgia, including labeling her a "loony" for suggesting that the Bush Administration be investigated for what it may or may not have known and failed to act upon about the tragic events of September 11th. Even though she has been vindicated by subsequent exposures, the attacks on McKinney's "intemperate remarks" continue unabated.

Black politicians, however, are beginning to feel threatened by outside support of Black stooges and have begun to mobilize on behalf of McKinney, the first African American female elected to the U.S. Congress from Georgia. The Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials (GABEO) unanimously adopted a resolution on June 22nd accusing Zell Miller of "scurrilous comments" and demanded that he repair his relations with the Black community by offering McKinney "the same respect given to other elected leaders in the state of Georgia."

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, on the other hand, has been unrelenting in it attempts to discredit McKinney. "[She] has shown herself to be a fringe lunatic, well outside the congressional mainstream," writes Cynthia Tucker in a typical commentary. She asserts that McKinney is "incapable of aiding any cause," and exhibiting an astonishing level of hypocrisy writes, "The plight of the Palestinians and their desire for an independent homeland is a serious cause deserving of thoughtful, mainstream advocates. Hilliard wasn't one and neither is McKinney."

The problem with Tucker's own "intemperate remarks" is that there are no "thoughtful, mainstream advocates" prepared to take up the defense of Palestinian sovereign rights. But there are others, and they are determined to build a financial and political fight back to protect the outspoken advocate that is not afraid of AIPAC's vilification nor its financial war chests.

Nevertheless, spirit and courage alone do not win campaigns in the year 2002. It takes grassroots organizing combined with financial support -lots and lots of financial support. A national grassroots campaign to provide Cynthia McKinney with the necessary funds to fend off AIPAC's blood lust has emerged from coast to coast. Peace and justice forces nationwide are combining with local Black political organizations to draw a line in the sand.

Noting, "We must stand by those who stand by us," CAIR-PAC, a Moslem based group has called for its members to "step forward" and donate to McKinney's campaign. "Her victory will also give strength to those other members of Congress who also want to vote their conscience on issues relating to the Middle East" CAIR-PAC concludes. Other Arab American groups are also soliciting their members for financial support for her re-election efforts.

Typical of the peace forces galvanizing support is: Just Peace Contacts, which includes many Jewish activists. They have set an ambitious goal. "Through our networks across the country of Jews, Arabs, Christians and others active in the struggle for Justice in Israel and Palestine, we ought to be able to raise $100,000 by August 1," they say.

Lastly, a variety of Black websites and free thinkers like The Konformist are also carrying calls for financial assistance as are scores of listserves of racial justice and peace advocates.

The irony here is that Hilliard's defeat in Alabama may very well have provided the impetus for Cynthia McKinney to amass the financial means necessary to push back AIPAC's reactionary assault on Black political power in Georgia and on a congressional peace advocate nationwide.

Frances M. Beal is a political columnist for the San Francisco Bayview newspaper and national secretary of the Black Radical Congress. Contact

2002 Frances M. Beal, All Rights Reserved

Cynthia McKinney's Congressional Web Site:


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