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Mike Ruppert-G6B 911-Report * Water Genocide * Yucca Moving Target

July 4, 2002 - Part 2

3) U.S. Complicity in 911 Attacks -- G6B Report
4) Enron-Peabody Destruction to Native Land & Water
5) Yucca Moving Target -- Action Alert

Item 3 is a recent report on the conference regarding US complicity in 9-11 attacks. Mike Ruppert and University of Ottawa Professor Michel Chossudovsky presented evidence of and a rationale for U.S. government complicity in last September's terrorist attacks. "In a question and answer session after the lecture, not one audience member questioned that the Bush Administration needed the attacks in order to mobilize public support for a war to control Central Asian oil reserves and the cash from the Afghani opium trade. Traditionally, Afghanistan has been the world's largest producer of opium."

Item 4 is a special letter, entitled, "The Drought and the Enron Scandal in Black Mesa" on Enron-Peabody (Lehman Bros) destruction to native land and water. Item 5 is on a critical alert on the Senate's upcoming vote for the Yucca Mountain, mobile Chernobyl fiasco. Following this item is information to join a progressive letter cooperative. It is best to write letters personally, but Flyby News also encourages you to join forces with this easy-to-do and free service provided by Quakers and long-time activists, helping progressive people make their voices heard.

Many thanks for Carol in Virginia for a critical $25 donation to Flyby News. Receiving your support is very much appreciated. We plan to distribute information at the upcoming SolarFest, and any donation will be put to good use. It is the intent of Flyby News is to actively pursue its campaigns and update this web site in support of a transformation of policies threatening life until at least December 21, 2012. Working with others supporting such issues is a great motivator, and can help bring about what Dennis Kucinich said, "..a power within each of us..that can bring love to the world and compassion to the world and understanding to the world that as we focus our conscious intent on making the world a better place, so it is. And we need to communicate that all across this country. This has to be a part of the promise of America. A new America... Not an America of fear, but an America of hope."

Part 1 - July 4, 2002
1) Peace In Space & On Earth - Kucinich Videos Released!
2) ABM Treaty still lives
is posted at following Flyby News URL:,84082,


3) U.S. Complicity in 911 Attacks -- G6B Report

Complicity in 9-11 Attacks Widely Accepted at G6B Summit in Canada

June 27, 2002, 16:00 PDT (FTW) -- An estimated crowd of 1,200 turned out on June 25 at the University of Calgary's MacEwan Hall to hear FTW Publisher Mike Ruppert and University of Ottawa Professor Michel Chossudovsky present evidence of and a rationale for U.S. government complicity in last September's terrorist attacks. (See photos at Their two-and-a- half-hour presentation, including documentary evidence, was greeted with a standing ovation.

In a question and answer session after the lecture, not one audience member questioned that the Bush Administration needed the attacks in order to mobilize public support for a war to control Central Asian oil reserves and the cash from the Afghani opium trade. Traditionally, Afghanistan has been the world's largest producer of opium.

The G6B -- standing for a global population of six billion people whose interests need to be balanced against the corporate interests of the industrialized world -- was a three-day event sponsored by, among others, the government of Canada, Amnesty International and the University of Calgary. It brought delegates and activists together from 60 countries. The counter summit was timed and located in Calgary, Alberta so as to juxtapose it with the G8 meeting in nearby Kananaskis of the world's eight largest industrialized nations starting on June 26.

The first-ever joint presentation involving Ruppert and Chossudovsky, an economics professor, presented the strongest evidence to date that not only did the Bush Administration have complete foreknowledge of the attacks and allow them to happen, but also that the CIA had a direct hand in financing the attacks. Chossudovsky presented documentary evidence from ABC news, citing FBI sources, confirming a report that Gen. Mahmud Ahmad, then-chief of the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI), ordered for $100,000 to be wired to lead hijacker Mohammed Atta just weeks before the attacks. The new corroboration from U.S. media, using FBI sources, gave considerable weight to earlier press stories originating in India linking the ISI to 9/11. [These new revelations will be the subject of an upcoming story in FTW].

"General Ahmad arrived in Washington on Sept. 4 and met with, among others, his good friend [CIA Director] George Tenet, [Deputy Secretary of State] Richard Armitage, [Sen.] Joe Biden, [D-Del.,] and the heads of the two intelligence committees," Chossudovsky said.

"To me the issue of foreknowledge is a red herring. Osama bin Laden is and remains to this day a CIA asset. Even now his Al Qaeda operatives are working with the Kosovo Liberation Army who are U.S. allies and with U.S.-backed forces in Macedonia. Members of Al Q'aeda have been protected as they moved into Kashmir where they are now fomenting conflict between India and Pakistan.

"The evidence is becoming clearer every day that the U.S. government helped to plan and fund the Sept. 11 attacks," said Chossudovsky.

In addition, Chossudovsky has uncovered what may be complicity on the part of the major media in hiding the smoking gun. Using transcripts from the Federal Records Service (FRS), Chossudovsky obtained the transcript of a question posed to National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rica at a May 16 press conference, in which she was asked if she had met with the "ISI chief" while he was in Washington. The CNN transcript of the event indicated that the words "ISI chief" were "inaudible" when, in fact, they were quite audible to the FRS. Rice's response was a troubled, "I have not seen that report, and he was certainly not meeting with me."

Chossudovsky painted a broad picture of globalization pushing events toward a possible nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan by noting that one U.S. company with strong intelligence and military connections, MPRI of Vienna, Va., was acting as adviser to both governments. He also noted the strong links between CIA Director George Tenet and Deputy Secretary of State Armitage to the leaders of both countries. Chossudovsky also pointed out that George W. Bush receives daily "personal" intelligence briefings from the CIA Director -- a custom that has never previously been followed by any sitting president. Previously most CIA briefings have been delivered in written format.

Ruppert, using new evidence of U.S. government foreknowledge disclosed by major media sources and through recent press conferences, established that by using only open source material, the U.S. government had warnings that multiple airliners, most likely from United and American Air Lines would be hijacked during the week of Sept. 9 and crashed into the twin towers. Using revelations of intelligence intercepts and a Pentagon drill responding to an attack from a hijacked airliner staged prior to Sept. 11, Ruppert established that the Bush Administration's position, which held it had no hint that aircraft would be used as weapons, was false. Pointing to last year's G8 summit in Genoa, Italy, Ruppert noted that extensive precautions had been taken there (including anti-aircraft guns) to prevent just such an attack. A Los Angeles Times story disclosed that President Bush was the target of the suspected attacks in Genoa.

"Bush ought to be having some interesting conversations with the leaders of Italy, Germany, France and Russia since it was their intelligence services who forwarded detailed advance warnings to the CIA throughout the summer of 2001," said Ruppert. "And they referred specifically to suicide attacks with airliners."

Ruppert also debunked the notions that the 9-11 attacks were caused by a lack of cooperation between agencies, and that great numbers of people would have had to be involved in the U.S. end of the operation. Citing a BBC TV report by Gregg Palast which showed an FBI report stating that the Bush administration had ordered the FBI to curtail investigations into bin Laden relatives, Ruppert demonstrated that orders were coming from levels above FBI and CIA leadership. Additionally, referring to the recent memorandum from FBI Special Agent Colleen Rowley and a press conference given by FBI Special Agent Robert Wright, Ruppert popped the government's position that somehow the so-called intelligence "failures" of 9-11 were the result of negligence.

"If you look at the text of Rowley's message and listen to what Wright said at his press conference you hear and see words like, 'obstruct,' ' deliberately thwart,' 'intimidate,' 'block,' 'harass,' 'dishonest,' 'rewrite,' 'omit,' 'undermine,' 'suppress,' 'punish,' 'retaliate' and 'prevent.' These are not words describing negligence. These are words describing deliberate and willful actions.

> "And if you note from both the Rowley memo, and apparently from the Wright press conference, it was only one supervisory special agent at FBI headquarters who did all of the deliberate work to stop investigations that could have prevented the attacks. And what did Rowley tell us? Right after Sept. 11 the agent who had blocked the investigations was promoted!"

The $64,000 question remains unanswered: Was the agent in Rowley's case also involved in blocking Wright's Chicago-based investigations into money-laundering for terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda? In any event, the Rowley memorandum proves that just a few officials in key positions could have carried out the 9-11 conspiracy successfully.

For the complete article and photos, see:


4) Enron-Peabody Destruction to Native Land & Water

"The Drought and the Enron Scandal in Black Mesa"

The following is a Letter to the Editor by signatories of the sovereign Dineh (Navajo) nation, demanding corporate accountability in the face of a drought disaster and the Enron scandal. This affects us all for our air and water preservation.

Please post widely, and consider adapting as a letter to the editor of your local paper.

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"The Drought and the Enron Scandal in Black Mesa"
July 1, 2002

We the undersigned wish to submit this open letter to the Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe and the U.S. government to demand corporate accountability in light of the Bush administration's decision last week to relax air-quality rules governing older coal-fired power plants, the Enron scandal in Black Mesa and the current drought disaster.

Can't you see we are suffering from the effects of corporate greed in collusion with the U.S. and tribal governments? "Grandfathered" coal-fired power plants in our region constitute the largest source of greenhouse gases in North America. Fossil fuel emissions impact global climate change.

We are directly affected because our ancestral homeland contains major deposits of coal which are being extracted by Peabody Coal Company owned by Lehman Brothers. The coal from Peabody's Black Mesa mine is transported to the Mojave Power plant through a slurry pipeline owned by Enron Corporation that pumps 3.3 million gallons of pristine water from our sole source aquifer each day. Stop the corporate waste! In a region where water is extremely scare, our only source of drinking water is being depleted and contaminated to transport coal without any permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

We urge you to stop proclaiming your inability to help us during a drought emergency declared by the state of Arizona and the Navajo Nation. Don't shrug your shoulders while you show us news articles and photos vividly portraying shallow wells that have dried up and animals that are dying. The original leases you signed with Peabody Coal Company gives you the right to stop the slurry pipeline today if you suspect (not prove) diminution and degradation of our sole source aquifer.

Our survival is in jeopardy and our lack of access to water is a tragic waste. The situation is dire. For the past 5 months the U.S. government's Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) water tower in Rocky Ridge, a public drinking water source for about 4,000 Dineh people has been shut off and all the Hopi Partition Land (HPL) wells owned and maintained by the U.S. government's Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) have been capped off and dismantled, windmill blades and troughs bulldozed.

Demand the BIA repair the Rocky Ridge water tower and all HPL livestock wells or pay for their repair from your mining royalties. Stop for a moment and consider the frequent ruptures in the coal slurry pipeline are responsible for widespread contamination of our land and water resources. Is this why all our wells have been destroyed - like the radioactive windmill in Coal Mine Mesa Canyon which is responsible for causing cancer in nearby residents?

We pray you will act now to fulfill your trust responsibility to us and demand corporate accountability by Peabody, Enron and Lehman Brothers who are operating in collusion with the U.S. government. We pray you will stop looking at the 45 million dollars in revenue you receive each year from Peabody long enough to see that water is more precious than gold and not a drop should be wasted.

At one time, large herds of antelope, elk, beavers and herons populated this part of the Little Colorado basin. Before the rain and groundwater took care of us and our animals. Now there is no water at all. We believe we have a human right to water and livelihood. We believe when a government denies certain communities fundamental rights, it places the rights of all its citizens in jeopardy. Our distinct identity as a people is crucially linked to the lands we have occupied since time immemorial. Displacement from our territories means death and the destruction of our identity, culture and way of life. Without water we cannot survive. We believe our human rights should not be denied and should take precedence over national sovereignty -- whether it be the sovereignty of independent nations or the dependent sovereign status accorded to tribal governments. Concerns about development policies and their economic and ecological impact are a matter of tribal sovereignty, women's rights and human rights.

We pray you will act now and shut down the coal slurry pipeline so we can all have a drink of water. For without water we will have nothing left to give our children and our grandchildren.

Thank you,

Anna H. Begay
Bennie Nez
Huck Greyeyes
Norris Nez
Genevieve Greyeyes
Lena Nez
Rena Babbitt Lane
Zena Lane
Pauline Johnston
Bonnie Whitesinger
Pauline Whitesinger

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Hopis Concerned About Coal-Fired Power Plant on Black Mesa
by Andy Matinog Saturday April 06, 2002 at 03:40 PM

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For more background on the Big Mountain relocation issue.

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For more on "Clean Water, Safe Homes & a Healthy Environment," you can contact the Citizen's Coal Council 1705 S. Pearl Street, #5; Denver, CO 80210
303-722-9119, fax: 303-722-8338


5) Yucca Moving Target -- Action Alert

Received from: "Regina Birchem"
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 10:33:33 -0400
Regina Birchem
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The decision about transport of hi-level radioactive waste, which will effect our people for many decades, will be made by a vote in the US Senate as early as July 8. So please act now---


President Bush recently designated Yucca Mountain as the permanent repository for U.S. high-level nuclear waste and promulgated a plan for 100,000 shipments of 77,000 tons of this dangerous waste from military and power plant sources, by rail, truck and barge, through forty four states. Close to 5,000 shipments will pass through Pennsylvania. This plan is highly controversial on scientific, health, environmental and security grounds. It is pushed by the nuclear power industry and opposed by a large array of scientists.

The US Conference of Mayors recently passed a resolution against nuclear waste transportation.
The people and elected representatives of Nevada strongly oppose this plan and the Nevada Governor has vetoed it. The U.S. Senate vote in early July can support and sustain the veto (by voting NO) or override it.
* Vote NO on Senate Joint Resolution 34, to block this dangerous plan and to support Nevada's veto of Yucca Mountain storage.
* The Administration plan will produce homeland insecurity by exposing our people to 100,000 potential "mobile Chernobyls" due to possible terrorist attack or accident, with rupture of
vulnerable containers.
* The Yucca Repository is an unproven, leaky, earthquake-prone site (an earthquake shook Yucca Mountain most recently on June 14)

CALL or FAX them now and before July 8

The Congressional Switchboard telephone number is 202-224-3121
Additional US Congress contact information, see:

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