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911 US War on Freedom * Iraq - the Phantom Menace * War No More

28 May 2002

1) 911 US War on Freedom
2) Iraq - The Phantom Menace
3) We Must All Prevent War

Editor's Notes:

As a nuclear war between Pakistan and India threatens all, the US seems to be content in its role as a world leader for making war the absolute truth in an ill-defined plan in black and white terms in battling good versus evil. Greed, corruption, fear, domination, false justification, is the name of the game, and watch out for our eroding freedoms. Item 1 gives substantial documentation on pre-911 awareness by the US government, cover-up, oil-money motives, etc. The next item is about what is next on the Bush-US foreign policy agenda, attack Iraq. The US/Israel campaign for dominance is not effective in terminating terrorism. It adds to it. Last week Scott Ritter spoke in Amherst, MA at a program sponsored by Traprock Peace Center. Scott Ritter was the former chief of the Concealment Investigations Unit for the UN Special Commission on Iraq. With first-hand experience he claims that Iraq is no longer a real threat. So, why go to war?


After reading please take actions to give peace a chance.


1) 911 US War on Freedom

The War on Freedom:
How and Why America Was Attacked
September 11, 2001
by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

In the weeks before the 9/11 attacks, warnings poured in from the world's spy agencies, but U.S. officials did nothing.

Instead, our intelligence agencies were reined in, air interceptors grounded - and the attacks exploited to launch a devastating war on Afghanistan. The results: a U.S. corporate takeover of Central Asia's oil and gas - a wealthier Bush family - and more censorship.

Was the attack on America to open the door for a more aggressive U.S. foreign policy - and uncurbed surveillance of the American people? Compiled from hundreds of newspapers, experts and official documents, "The War On Freedom" is the definitive account of how and why America was attacked.

Who blocked investigation of known Bin-Laden associates?

What happened to our defense measures?

When was the Afghan offensive first conceived?

Where does the real blame lie for the WTC devastation?

Why did America not protect its own?

"What did this administration know, and when did they know it?"

– Rep. Cynthia McKinney, (D) GA.

"The War On Freedom" rips apart the veil of silence surrounding 9/11, and lets readers look at the facts for themselves.

"This riveting and thoroughly documented study is a 'must' resource for everyone seeking to understand the attack on the World Trade Center of New York on Sept. 11, 2001 and 'America's New War' since . . . this volume provides the detailed documentation in a definitive and masterful record."

– Professor John McMurty, Department of Philosophy, University of Ontario; Fellow at the Royal Society of Canada; Chair of Jurists, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Tribunal at the Alternative World Summit in Toronto, 1989 (Canada)


"The most complete book I know of, summarizing the relevant background and foreground intersecting upon the events of Sept. 11, 2001 . . . A tour de force in every respect . . . I can't say how much I admire this work. It MUST be seen by as many people as possible all over the world as soon as possible."

– Barry Zwicker, Producer and Host, MediaFile, Vision TV Insight; award-winning journalist on CBC-TV and CTV (Canada)


To pre-view and/or purchase this book, visit:

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Online Journal on 911 foreknowledge

All the desperate lies and spin don't change the fact that the Bush administration had foreknowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks
By Larry Chin
Online Journal Contributing Editor

May 19, 2002—George W. Bush knew. And his administration knew. The transparently dishonest denials issued by the White House do not stand up to the slightest scrutiny. They are lying. A simple examination of existing information, gathered from reliable, open sources proves it.

Last night, Michael C. Ruppert of From The Wilderness was scheduled to present his case for Bush 9/11 foreknowledge before a national TV audience on Geraldo Rivera's Fox News program. At the last minutes, this live appearance was canceled. Coincidence? Ruppert's appearance, which could have caused immeasurable damage to the administration, was allegedly prompted by "breaking news" from the White House suggesting "imminent new terrorist attacks." "Wag the dog"? What desperate measures will this cabal resort to in order to remain in power?

How many more lives will they take?

For the complete article, visit!!!

The More Important Questions They Are Not Asking

1. Who really is Osama bin Laden? What is al Qaeda? What really is "Militant Islam?"

In a penetrating analysis by Professor Michel Chossudovsky titled "Who is Osama bin Laden?" this question is answered clearly. Osama bin Laden and the terror networks of the region are creations of the United States and its CIA—and continue to serve the geostrategic purposes the United States government, which directly and indirectly controls their operations.

* The CIA, using Pakistan's ISI, played a key role in training the mujahadeen. In turn, the CIA-sponsored guerrilla training was integrated into the teachings of Islam.

* Pakistan's ISI is a proxy of the CIA by official government directive.

* CIA covert operations in the region are conducted through the ISI. Terror operations continue throughout the Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans and Central Asia—which, in addition to holding coveted untapped oil and gas reserves, produces three quarters of the world's opium.

* The Islamic Jihad has been supported by the US and Saudi Arabia with a significant part of the funding generated from the Golden Crescent drug trade.

* Motivated by nationalism and religious fervor, and kept out of touch with upper levels of the intelligence hierarchy, Islamic warriors are unaware of whose purposes they serve.

* Since the Cold War, Washington has consciously supported Osama bin Laden, while at the same time inflating his legend as the world's foremost terrorist.

"All the desperate lies and spin don't change the fact that the Bush administration had foreknowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks"

By Larry Chin

Online Journal Contributing Editor

The complete article is posted:

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For a Michael C. Ruppert article, posted May 16, 2002


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Scams Away: The Boom Is Falling
by Al Martin

(May 22, 2001) In an incredible display of arrogance, George Bush said that HE (not the White House, but HE) will no longer tolerate second-guessing on the subject of the growing questions of what did the Bush Administration know and when did it know it regarding threatened terrorist attacks against the United States prior to 9-11. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld then came out with a press release from the Department of Defense, stating that "those who ask questions could face government charges."

AL MARTIN is America's foremost whistle blower on government fraud and corruption. A retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, he has testified before Congress (the Kerry Committee and the Alexander Committee) regarding Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" (2001, National Liberty Press, $19.

This complete article was linked from:
Excellent 911 investigative resources!

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Oil Moves the War Machine
by Michael T. Klare
June 2002

Since its inception, the Bush Administration has launched two great foreign policy initiatives: a global war against terrorism, and a global campaign to expand American access to foreign oil. Originally, each possessed its own rationale and mode of operation. As time has passed, however, they have become increasingly intertwined, so that today the war on terrorism and the struggle for oil have become one vast enterprise.

For the complete article, see:

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For more information on the Bush Conspiracy and 9/11 Investigative Reports, see:,11057,m


2) Iraq - The Phantom Menace

As the response to 9-11 continues, a looming question hangs over Washington: Is Iraq Next? The hawks say take out Saddam Hussein now, or take him out later at much greater cost. The doves say, contain Saddam Hussein, but don't risk an American strike that might antagonize the Arab nations and harm more innocent civilians. In this following linked article, former chief of the Concealment Investigations Unit for the UN Special Commission on Iraq, Scott Ritter, claims that Iraq does not pose to be a threat, "Rather than relying on information from dubious sources, let's put all the facts on the table. The conclusions drawn from such a debate could pull us back from the brink of an unnecessary and costly war."

For the article originally published in the Christian Science Monitor,
"Iraq: The Phantom Threat," by Scott Ritter, see:

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Scott Ritter is seeking your help to meet with Senator John Kerry and others to discuss open Congressional hearings on the debate of attacking Iraq. He wants to be there in a debate with his testimony based on his eye witness accounts. Ritter plans on being in Washington, D.C. on June 14 and intends to discuss this with the following Senators. You can help by contacting your Senator and mention that Scott Ritter is available to discuss possible hearings before the US bombs Iraq, and plunges life deeper into the abyss of world chaos and suffering.

Sen. John Forbes Kerry (D) MA

Sen. John McCain (R) AZ
Tel. 202-224-2235

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D)

Eliot L. Engel (D-17) NY
Tel. 202-225-2464

"Iraq today is no longer a military threat to anyone. Intelligence agencies know this. All the conjectures about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq lack evidence." [Hans von Sponeck, Geneva/Dublin, 29 May 2001, UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq from 1998-2000]

There has been no documented evidence made public of Iraq's role in harboring, promoting, or financing terrorist threats to the United States.

Iraq is indicating positive gestures of resuming inspections by United Nations weapons inspectors.

Additional military spending to support an intensive war with Iraq will further erode support for domestic social programs, which are steadily and rapidly deteriorating.

A provoked war with Iraq and an attempt to dislodge Saddam Hussein will likely cause immense suffering to a nation and a population which have greatly suffered as a result of the 1990-91 Gulf War and the imposition of strict economic and trading sanctions since then. How much more pain will we inflict on them?

Sample letters available, see

Contacting the Congress web site:
Senate Operator: 202-224-3121
House Operator: 202-225-3121

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Related Article:

Military Would Be Stressed by a New War, Study Finds
New York Times [May 24, 2002]

WASHINGTON, May 23 - A top-secret Pentagon war game has revealed that expanding the campaign against terrorism to a country like Iraq would place severe strains on personnel and cause deep shortages of certain critical weapons, senior officials say.

Even so, the computer-simulated exercise found that the armed forces could still wage and win a major regional conflict while maintaining other global commitments.

Military officials have already concluded that such an invasion could involve as many as 200,000 troops and probably could not be mounted until next winter.

The war game, code named "Prominent Hammer," made clear that the new missions given the military after Sept. 11 to defend the United States at home, wage war in Afghanistan and increase security at bases overseas are seriously taxing combat readiness.

Taking on an adversary like Iraq, the simulation found, could require mobilizing reservists at a level not seen since the Persian Gulf war, when 265,000 members of the National Guard and Reserves were called up, more than three times the number who were mobilized as of this week.

The complete article is posted


3) We Must All Prevent War

Published on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 in the Boston Globe
We Must All Prevent War
by James Carroll

THE SHOCK OF headlines leaves us unable to distinguish between the merely awful and a world historic threat. The Catholic crisis and even the war on terrorism will be mere footnotes to the present age if the conflict between India and Pakistan moves from border skirmishing to general war. As the prospect of such escalation grows more likely by the day, here are several points deserving of renewed emphasis:

There has never been a shooting war between two nuclear powers. And war, by definition, carries its own irrational momentum. The possibility of new Hiroshimas on the subcontinent is real, perhaps imminent.

From within the dispute between India and Pakistan, issues of national sovereignty and religious identity seem worth the risk even of nuclear war, but from outside there is no conceivable justification of that risk. This is the position of the United States and other nations.

But that contradiction adheres in every situation of war. From within a dispute, drastic action is always justified. From outside it, compromise, negotiation, and restraint are always seen as preferable to violence. The India-Pakistan war, in other words, is a revelation of the futility of war as such. Therefore it is not enough for the United States and other nations to urge restraint on New Delhi and Islamabad.

The escalation of this conflict has not occurred in a vacuum. Two things have made it possible: a broad international climate of moral approbation in favor of war, and widespread indifference to the threat still posed by nuclear weapons. The real and immediate prospect of a nuclear war must generate changes on both these fronts.

There was a time when the populations of nations got out ahead of their governments on the urgent question of nuclear war. From the ''Ban the Bomb'' movement of the 1950s to the ''Nuclear Freeze'' movement of the 1970s, from student activists to aging peaceniks, from the scientists of Pugwash to the mothers of Womens' Action for Nuclear Disarmament, from antinuclear organizations of physicians and lawyers to those of business people and bishops - the voices of ordinary citizens have been raised in the past to tremendous effect on this question. Indeed, it may be that the arms race itself was reversed by those voices, once governments were forced to hear them.

Where are such voices today? Or, to ask the question another way, what happened to the tradition of ''resistance''? During the height of the Cold War, many human beings across the globe discovered that the only way to live humanly in the nuclear age was in active opposition to the coming prospect of the nuclear nightmare. After 1990, the danger seemed to abate, and the resistance evaporated.

The same broad population that once regarded the risk of nuclear war as an urgent public problem accepted the myth that nuclear war would never happen. In America, this led to indifference even as government officials abandoned nuclear-limiting treaties (Test Ban, ABM), proposed new nuclear weapons programs (battlefield nukes, militarization of space), and reiterated the dogma that American power rests on its permanent nuclear arsenal.

Hardly anyone seemed to notice as these trends in the United States reinforced the determination of other nations to wield such power. Hardly anyone seemed to notice, even more concretely, when the moral capacity of the United States to object to nuclear testing by India and Pakistan was undercut by the US Senate's rejection of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

The context within which India and Pakistan have moved to the brink of nuclear war has thus been defined not only by the irresponsibility of other governments, but by the detachment of citizens everywhere who no longer see the prevention of such war as involving them. And now? Are we really to watch the unfolding of the crisis along the border of India and Pakistan as if it is the Catholic bishops, say, in contest with the press? As if it is the FBI in blame-game competition with the CIA?

We owe it to the ''fate of the earth,'' in Jonathan Schell's great phrase, to do far more than that. We must, first, think the unthinkable again, imagining what the world after even a limited nuclear war would be like. And we must face the question that such a possible future already puts to every one of us: What are you doing to try to prevent this disaster?

The only way to live humanly - still - is in resistance to war. The prevention of war, in the nuclear age, must be a central purpose of every person's life. Scientists, physicians, lawyers, bishops, mothers, students, writers - where are you? We must remember what we learned already, but forgot; what the leaders of India and Pakistan are showing us again: If we human beings leave this problem to governments, we are doomed.

James Carroll's column appears regularly in the Globe.
© Copyright 2002 Globe Newspaper Company

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