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From Bill Smirnow of the Nuclear Abolition Network (Thu, 29 Jan 1998):

Hi Nukenetters,

Everyone concerned about "Mobile Chernobyl," HR-1270, and the possibility of the plutonium laden Cassini space probe accidentally re-entering Earth's atmosphere in August 1999 please DO THE FOLLOWING RIGHT NOW!!!

First, please contact FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] in Washington at: Phone 202-566-1600 and request that they send you their statistical description of what the health, environmental, & economic consequences of what an accident involving high-level commercial nuke waste in the town or city you live and/or work in would entail. Also, please ask them to give you a health, environmental, & economic assessment of what an accidental Cassini re-entry and "burn-up" or Earth impact would be if it comes down in your city or town. Also, ask them to tell you what they are and are NOT capable of doing if there is a re-entry.


Armed with this information, contact your local newspaper[s] and radio and TV stations and urge them to print and broadcast this information. Next, contact your city or town council and provide them with this same information about BOTH HR-1270 ["Mobile Chernobyl"] and Cassini and URGE them to pass local ordinances making your town or city nuke free, hence any shipment of commercial waste[or any other nuke material] illegal. Follow up your initial call[s], or better yet face to face meetings to make sure that your town or city council members are local print/broadcast media are doing what you want them to. Obviously if nothing is done with good information, its worthless. It takes so little effort to make a few phone calls and the very real potential of acting has SO MUCH POWER! Please take a little time from your busy schedules and stop the HR-1270s & Cassini reentries of the world, NONE of which have to take place.

For the more ambitious of you who would also want to alert national and international media now or in the future, I'll list several media outlets below which you can call and/or fax. It might be worthwhile to print and save these names and numbers for future use. Here goes:

  1. "Time" Magazine:
    Phone 212-522-1212, Fax: 212-522-0323
  2. "Newsweek"Magazine:
    Phone 212-445-4000, Fax: 212-445-5068 and 212-445-4563
  3. "U.S. News & World Report":
    Phone 212-830-1500, Fax: 212-830-1840
  4. "Der Spiegel" Magazine:
    Phone 212-221-7583, Fax: 212-302-6258
  5. "Christian Science Monitor":
    Phone 212-764-0036, Fax: 212-764-9648
  6. "Wall Street Journal":
    Phone 212-416-2000, Fax: 212-416-2658 & 212-416-2659
  7. "Montell Williams" TV Show:
    Phone 212-452-5555, Fax: 212-462-4602
  8. "Oprah Winfrey" TV Show:
    Phone 312-633-1000
  9. "USA Today":
    Phone 212-715-5350, Fax: 212-371-0241
  10. "Boston Globe:
    Phone 617-929-2000, Fax: 617-929-2019
  11. "Canadian Broadcasting Corp.":
    Phone 416-205-3311, TV fax: 416-205-7459, Radio Fax: 415-205-3888
  12. "Australian Broadcasting Corp.":
    Phone 202-466-8575, Fax: 202-626-5188
  13. "Reuters":
    Phone 202-898-8300, Fax: 202-898-8401
  14. "Associated Press" [AP]:
    Phone 202-776-9400 & 202-776-9405, Fax: 202-776-9570
  15. "United Press International" [UPI]:
    Phone 202-898-8000, Fax: 202-898-8057
  16. "Agences France Presse" [AFP]:
    Phone 202-289-0700, Fax: 202-414-0524
  17. "Greenpeace":
    Phone 202-462-1177, Fax: 202-462-4507
  18. "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists":
    Phone 773-702-2555, Fax: 773-702-0725
  19. "Jim Hightower Broadcasting":
    Phone 512-477-5588, Fax: 512-487-8535
  20. "NPR" Radio:
    Phone 202-414-2000, Fax: 202-414-3329
  21. "Frontline" [PBS' WGBH-TV]:
    Phone 617-492-2777, fAX: 617-254-0243
  22. "NIGHTLINE":
    Phone 202-222-6535, e-MAIL: "NTLINE@AOL.COM"
  23. "McNeil-Lehrer Productions":
    Phone 703-998-2870
  24. "CBS-TV Nightly News":
    Phone 212-975-4321, Fax: 212-975-1893
  25. "NBC-TV Nightly News":
    Phone 212-664-4444
  26. "ABC-TV Nightly News":
    Phone 212-456-1000, Fax: 212-456-3720
  27. "New York Times":
    Phone 212-556-1234
  28. "Washington Post":
    Phone 202-334-6000, Fax: 202-496-3936
  29. "Los Angeles Times":
    Phone 213-237-7000, Fax: 213-237-4712
  30. "Art Bell" Nationally Syndicated Radio Show:
    Fax: 702-727-8499
Thanks for your indulgence. PLEASE copy this media list and act on it for HR-1270 and Cassini,as well as any other nuclear garbage they trying throwing past the public.


Bill Smirnow

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