NoFlyby letter to Abolition 2000

Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 20:36:56 -0500 (EST)
From: Jonathan Mark (info@flybynews.com)

Hi friends of the abolition 2000 caucus.

In this letter I will try to be positive in my criticism and again propose a strategical direction for our Ab-2000 campaign. At this point it should be clear to many of the circular insolated pattern of our campaign to date. Definitely we have had far reaching successes in raising consciousness and small victories, but in the perspective of realistically accomplishing our endeavors at this pace, no way, we will land far too short.

Since the Cassini launch I have been encouraging those on this listserv to join in the focused effort to stop and expose the high risk Cassini Earth flyby scheduled for August 18, 1999. United, our endeavors could help us get on the other side of the learning curve to hopefully beneficially impact our future, but by not leaping ahead with such a focus, we could just get lost in the maze of millennium fever.

Any movement seeking to transform major policy decisions, such as the budget being pushed by Republicans and Democrats to finance Star Wars, needs to transform the collective consciousness of the mainstream population, which is difficult to do without a focus that grabs the public's attention and the media. However, we have a chance by our uniting behind a strategic transformative direction. Cassini sets the stage for us and we can deliver a transformative message that the public can absorb. We also have the medium of EnviroVideo's new 29-minute documentary "Nukes in Space 2: Unacceptable Risks." We also have a Plutonium NoFlyby Statement endorsed by over 100 organizations. However, unless others post this statement and support its focus and distribution, it becomes limited in its ability to impact. If anyone wants to work with NoFlyby more closely or to be simply kept more informed, please subscribe to "NoFlyby Feedback" in subject and send your request to subscribe by email to info@flybynews.com .

We have only to around June 24, 1999 to safely redirect the Cassini probe NOT TOWARD EARTH. Time is running short and hope we will work together on this opportunity to realize the objectives of the Ab-2000 Statement.

I need help in locating a design artist to help us make a poster to distribute around the world. Also, I am seeking help to find organizers of Earth Day events to try to get them involved in alerting the public of the upcoming threat this summer.

Thanks for listening and reading and for all of your efforts, and hope we can join effectively, while there is time to respond in advance, rather than behind..

Regards for true peace and health,

Jonathan Mark
Coordinator, NoFlyby Site

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