NoFlyby letter to Abolition 2000

September 14, 1998.

Dear friends interested in abolishing nuclear weapons and their related nuclear energy technologies,

Many of you probably received the following from NoFlyby. I hope many of you will take this lobbying campaign seriously as a strategic action to help us realize the objectives of the Abolition 2000 statement. Not too often do we have the opportunity to react to something coming up in the future. Most of our rallying points are in reaction to events like India's testing of the bomb, etc., after the fact. In this manner we are always behind the eight ball. If we can support the 1967 UN treaty for the peaceful use of space, and use Cassini's scheduled 8/18/99 flyby as a rallying point, we have the opportunity to raising awareness of the threat of any dangerous amount of Pu flying over our heads or entering into the air we breathe. Please help this lobbying effort.

Lobbying appeal sent to the NoFlyby e-mail list

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