NoFlyby letter to Abolition 2000

January 14, 1998.

Dear friends of the Abolition 2000 Network,

Feeling the empowerment of the growing effort behind the Abolition 2000 statement and purpose is wonderful. I hope we can focus and unite behind various projects that help in the abolition of nuclear weapons and technologies that threaten life.

Last October many people protested the act of shooting up a missile with 72.3 pounds (32,8 kg) of plutonium on board. Radioactive materials from the space programs have already polluted our world. Cassini is arrogance flying into our face, and we are opposing a controlled media with owners wanting more nukes in space. Since radiation takes years to show up, and because rising cancer rates can be attributed to many things, they want us to believe that nothing is wrong with a little radiation and that the risks are insignificant.

The nuclear material used in Cassini is wedded to military technology. Karl Grossman has uncovered documentation on this from his work as an investigative reporter. If we don't stop Cassini, or expose its risks significantly, we will bear the risks of future flights. On the other side, if we stop or adequately expose the risks of Cassini, this could lead to the questioning of launching more dangerous nuclear technology space vehicles. This would add to the momentum of Abolition 2000.

I hope you will consider networking and planning for actions on June 24, 1998. We are concentrating around the noon hour. We chose this date because it is one year prior to NASA directing the Cassini space probe toward Earth from the final flyby of Venus.

You can receive more information at the Noflyby site http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/ .

Take care,


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