Quotes from "Nukes in Space"

Harvey Wassermann:
"We've got a technology here that's been an absolute catastrophe on the planet: five hundred reactors on a commercial basis worldwide, we've got about 50,000 atomic warheads worldwide. It's been the single most enduring ecological and human catastrophe on this planet and now for some reason our species wants to ring the heavens with this very same technology. To me it's the pinnacle of insanity and reflects some kind of suicidal instinct. Here we've sunk a half a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone into 110 commercial atomic power plants to generate well under 10% of our total energy, and this is after 40 years of concerted effort. We've had 50 years with atomic warheads from the beginnings of the Manhattan project through Hiroshima and Nagasaki and into too many decades of atmospheric and underground nuclear testing, all of it an unmitigated disaster for human health and planetary ecology.

Now we've sunk more than 25 billion dollars into nuclear-based atomic reactors orbiting the Earth. We've already had at least two of these reactors, of these Russian reactors, falling into the atmosphere spreading god knows how much radioactive pollution. The Americans have had their own reactors fall down into the atmosphere, and yet now we're talking about very large scale reactors going up into orbit over our heads to power a system that's designed to shoot down an enemy that is merely in our minds. For this we want to jeopardize, on a truly global basis, the very survivability of this planet. To me, I just have to wonder who's writing this script…"

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