It is a matter of the gravest urgency to take action to demand that the national aeronautics and space administration (NASA)/USA and all legal and financial affiliates of the cassini mission respect the rule of international law by redirecting -before / on or around June 24, 1999- the Cassini space mission away from its planned "Fly-by" of earth this August to prevent the global threat of irreversible harm to human health and to the environment. The possible accident upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere could result in the possible deaths of millions of humans in all nations and possible planetary contamination for thousands of years.

REFERRING TO, AWARE OF AND IN SUPPORT OF the EMERGENCY RESOLUTION (FEBRUARY 24/99/CRC) prepared by the Cassini Redirection Coalition (CRC) and recently also submitted to all United Nations members' governments and made available to individual citizens of all countries,


CONCERNED about the safety and reliability of the Cassini mission, which is scheduling Earth for a high-risk fly-by with a space ship traveling at record speeds with the most Plutonium (Pu-238 and Pu-239) on any space ship,

AWARE THAT as Cassini moves closer to the scheduled time of its Venus fly-by (June 24, 1999) the need to take immediate action becomes ever more imperative, and

CONCERNED ALSO in view of the consequences of a possible Cassini accident to many nations, if not all humanity, to all living on planet Earth due to the possible global spread of highly radioactive Plutonium-dioxide in Cassini's pay-load, the Petitioners


(i) to support a United Nations General Assembly resolution (as outlined in the EMERGENCY RESOLUTION (FEB.24/99/CRC) that would

* require the United States and all legal and financial affiliates of the Cassini mission to order NASA to invoke the precautionary principle and redirect the scheduled Cassini mission on or before June 24, 1999, and

* enforce the rule of international law, if necessary, by calling upon the International Court of Justice to stay the Cassini Earth fly-by,

(ii) to file a complaint with the United Nations Security Council demanding redress from Cassini's breaches of international agreements and security; asking the Security Council to request a stay from the International Court of Justice concerning the Cassini Earth fly-by,

(iii) to have the immediate rescheduling of the Cassini mission to cancel its Earth fly-by and redirection overseen by independent qualified scientist/technicians from different countries and verified to the United Nations, and

(iv) to prevent Cassini's Earth Flyby, and to have Cassini safely redirected toward the sun to be destroyed in order to prevent Cassini's Earth fly-by and to prevent Cassini's possible uncontrolled trajectory that intersects Earth's or any other planet's orbit within the solar system, the Cassini MUST BE safely REDIRECTED for another mission involving no Earth fly-by and/or toward the sun to be destroyed when possible.

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Posted 3/1/99 5:28:26 PM