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NoFlyby Newsletter #6

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Sepember 22, 1998

This newsletter features a new report by Earl Budin, M.D., Assoc. Clinical Prof. of Radiology, UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Budin is active with the Physicians for Social Responsibility in Santa Barbara, California. He plans to send this report to the list of members of Congress on space committees and the World Health Organization.

We hope that you will consider using this report for lobbying Congress to investigate and expose the risks of the scheduled August 18, 1999 Cassini Earth flyby.

Following this report is an article on the bill in the U.S. Senate, which was defeated by one vote. The bill would have accelerated the arms race in space. This bill would have added to the dangers of nuclear technologies being launched into space on rockets that blow up, adds to the possibility of nuclear materials falling from the sky and pushes other countries into an arms race in space or to use other tactics that use nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction that go below the so-called safety "umbrella" of imagined star wars defense systems.

Only greed and a corrupt power structure could deny that these funds would be better spent dismantling nuclear weapons!

Please consider endorsing the Plutonium NoFlyby Statement

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