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NoFlyby Newsletter No. 14

May 8, 1999

Time is getting closer to the higher risk period of the Cassini space mission. On June 24, 1999 NASA is planning to direct the probe's "swingby" around Venus toward Earth at speeds that could disperse high levels of Plutonium in the air we breathe.

As evidenced by the use of depleted uranium in the war in Yugoslavia, NATO and NASA continue to assume that Plutonium's toxicity is comparable to that of natural radiation. However, this may be misleading. According to a study reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (April 1997), a single alpha wave particle causes cancer. There may be no safe levels of plutonium radiation exposure when inside our bodies. The scientists for NASA are biased with a profit-motive incentive and may be making assumptions that are not true. They have only been experimenting with Plutonium for a relatively short time and in reality they can't know with any certainty the possible toxicity of radioactive Plutonium.

The three in a row Titan 4 mishaps, (the same rocket used by Cassini), is reason enough to stop Cassini from heading toward Earth with 72.3 pounds of Plutonium on board while traveling at more than 10 miles per second. NASA thinks that even if there was an accident there would be little harm to life. It would take us years to notice that perhaps, NASA didn't sufficiently factor the probability of a single alpha particle of Plutonium causing cancer. When are we going to stop making substances toxic to life for hundreds and thousands of years?

Cassini is heralding our future and if we can stop this threat before June 24, we can change the current path of the arms race and have a greater degree of health, security and prosperity on Earth.

Help break through the silence of the media on this issue.

Please fax Art Bell and ask him to interview people such as Karl Grossman and Michio Kaku on his syndicated radio program, soon.

Art Bell
fax: 775-727-8499

Also fax William Broad of the New York Times, who has done work in the past on nuclear issues.

William Broad
fax: 212-556-7306
tel: 212-556-1243

Bill Smirnow sent them the Nukes in Space 2 video. Please let us know of any other representatives of the media willing to view the video.

Now is the time to respond while there is still time to make better choices for our world.


By Bruce Gagnon
Coordinator of Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Workshops offered this week at the Haque Appeal for Peace Conference.

Received by Karl Grossman

Download a poster on Cassini

Act now and join International efforts on June 12, 1999 to stop Cassini and Space-based Weapons.

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Posted 5/9/99 4:49:37 PM